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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Barack's Civilian Army Just Keeps Getting More and More Interesting


In my massive and on-going data stream collection depot on everything I can find Obama, I have decided that it really is scary in there. I know I haven't collected all there is on Obama because that would require a full time staff of an unknown-at-this point number of people and all I have is me. With that said, there is enough data RIGHT HERE, that I add to on a daily basis, where one can go and read and study the subject Obama. And, I am forewarning you, it is scary in there.

We have been writing about the topic of Barack's opining on how he wants to nearly quadruple AmeriCorps and double the Peace Corps. In his own words, and I wish there was audio of this somewhere, he wants this new civilian force to be on an equal par with the United States Military. That is not a paraphrase. And, I quote:
[...] Obama promised to increase AmeriCorps slots from 75,000 to 250,000 and pledged to double the size of the Peace Corps by 2011. [...]

"We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set," he said Wednesday. "We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded." [...]
For those of you that make the claim that this doesn't really mean what it says, I will ask someone to please explain to our readers and myself just exactly what the above quote does mean. Is this yet another typical Leftinistra gimmick topic such as the "IS" issue a few years ago that crops up from time to time? I ask because inquiring minds demand answers from the man Obama as he aspires to be President. Take note of the following, if you are able to follow.

In an interview on MSLSD back in July 0f 2007, Barack said the following in regards to Troops in Iraq:
[...] The United States cannot use its military to solve humanitarian problems and that preventing a potential genocide in Iraq isn't a good enough reason to keep U.S. forces there. [...]
Oh? We won't go into the issues that "some folks" sent US Troops to do just that in Somalia and Kosovo and have, in the past, demanded the same action in Darfur - utilizing US Troops in this manner. Was he beginning to lead up to his Civilian Forces program back then? If we cannot utilize our military to stem the tide of injustices amongst the tyrannical and dictatorial regimes to prevent genocidal activity - namely - pulling out of Iraq, will his Civilian Army take their place? And, if so, will we then even need the United States Military at that point?

If Obama gets his Civilian Army "up to par" with the current United States Military, as he so stated that they would be, does this mean that they will have the exact same training and equipment? He says so. Doesn't he?

If you have any doubts, read his words again. In addition, is he prepared to reform AmeriCorps from what it is at this moment in time? Is he going to have these kids - and I mean kids - as in teenagers - routed through Marine, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard or Army Boot Camps and teach them the art of Making War and defending the Nation against both foreign and domestic enemies? If the military is not to be used to curtail genocide or to defend the nation anymore, who, then, will? AmeriCorps? Read his words again and let me know where I am wrong here. Please? Better yet, have Obama explain this "program". OK? Just remember what the organization AmeriCorps is currently operating as. Click the image above or visit their web site. It most certainly is not any where near capable to either add to tghe functionality of or to replace the United States Military.

Now, about the Peace Corps. In the image to the left, one can see the Mission of the Peace Corps and it is primarily an educational tool to "teach others about America". This organization, much like AmeriCorps is comprised of young kids. They don't have the training that the United States Military does. Is Barack Obama set to send these kids to Marine, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard or Army Boot Camps and teach them the art of Making War and defending the Nation against both foreign and domestic enemies? Is he truly serious about this or is this merfely yet another example of pandering and catering to an emotional electorate - the kinds that have been indoctrinated into the America Bashing crowds? The more I study this subject, the more eerie it becomes.

If this is the case, who then is going to replace the kids in these organizations to perform the work, duties and the stated Missions of these organizations? Also, what does he plan on doing with the United States Military that is already trained to do the very jobs that his proposed Civilian Army will do?

This is absurdly insane. The image to the left just may be a portent to come. I have always and long believed and vocally stated in times past that the United States Military has stood in the path of the Leftinistra as they try to take this nation over from within. Perhaps this is Barack's way to ensure that the United States Military is so marginalized and dysfunctional that it is rendered ineffective to uphold their member's Oaths of Service in regards to defending the United States Constitution against both foreign and domestic enemies. We all know that the American Communist organizations openly state and, frankly, are quite vocal about supporting Barack Obama and hope that he gains the position he so lusts after...President of the United Socialist States of America.

Who are the people behind this Poster Child of Wander Lust, one Barack Hussein Obama, that so aspires to be First Czar of America? Having studied and investigated this man, it is becoming more and more evident each and every day that he is certainly unfit for or to be in command of a jelly bean eating contest, let alone CIC of American Armed Forces. Especially if he truly believes that his Civilian National Security Forces can do the job of America's Finest.

Stop the world! I want to get off now.

Also remember, please, if you will, that Barack Hussein Obama, stands with and supports Code Pink.

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