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Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Obama Youth: What's Next?


Way back on 09 JUL 08, I penned a piece entitled, We Live In Upside Down Land, where we discussed the initial findings of the Obama Civilian Army. Since then, it has become even more clear the true intent. In the process of looking for this in the Lame Stream Media, I ran across these two pieces by observing links placed in several BTR chat rooms. One link is at Exurban League, Arizona's leading political blog and the other is The American Pundit. I originally read the initial data at the AARP site here.
[...] LOL WUT? Obama's going to create a civilian national security force as strong as the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines - combined? With the same budget? And hardware, apparently? Holy %^&*! [...]
I am curious as to what the hieroglyphics mean? ROFLMAO!

WE cannot afford to NOT demand an explanation to this. Some seem to think that the Obama premise would be a good idea to free up our military from duties that the Obama Civilian Army could do. I would sort of kind of maybe or maybe not could be might sort of go along with that IF it wasn't so painfully obvious that the Leftinistra are currently whining that our CURRENT military is being used as the world's police force. If Obama gets this "program" active, wouldn't they be doing the same thing that our military does? If so, then what is the difference? If not, what is the purpose of the Obama Civilian Army?

Just sayin'.

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