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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

When A Duck Wadddles, Does It Look Like A Barack?


If a critter looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, walks like a duck and smells like a duck, the logical conclusion (if you haven't eaten it yet) is that what you have, is a duck. And, Barack is indeed that said same duck.

Barack is King of Gaffe. Barack is King of Arrogance. Barack is King of Dumb. Barack is the Prince of Stupid. He panders to the Fruit Loop Brigades of the likes of the Code Pinktites and that is evidential given that he made an appearance via video at the KOSmonoffs At Austin where he repeated the known and shown to be lies from the very ones he licks at the laps thereof.

Barack is a troll, simply stated. And, this is The Barack:

If he was a man, I would have to say that this man makes me sick. Alas, I will just have to say that this troll makes me sick.

While he contemplates building his Civilian National Security Forces and being president for 10 years - give or take - the rest of the world gazes upon the fool and laughs. After all, the real liberals want nothing to do with him because he is just too far left for their liking and THAT is an astonishing indictment for the would-be First Czar of the United Socialist States of Amerika. No one knows if he is even eligible to be president basing this on his fraudulent COLB. (He could dispell that by producing the real one).

A wise man once said of Barack: "I have never seen a presidential candidate with less to offer this nation, yet with more arrogance and self-delusion than Barack Obama." Just so. Hell! He doesn't even know what his own stand is on Iraq because he has never had an original thought in his head unless it was to calculate just how he could hood-wink easily led and indoctrinated idiots to lick his lap. As for his trip to "visit the troops", there are now reports that they were all set up. It could be that his string pullers didn't want the Troops to treat him like they did with John F'n Kerry, Nancy "Logan Act" Pelosi and Hillary Clinton.

With Barack, Shift Happens. And, in a Quote of The Day: "Obama On Iraq: If we hadn’t lit a fire under Bush’s ass, you see, he wouldn’t have been motivated to do exactly the opposite of what we wanted him to do." Let that one sink in a bit before you press on. OK?

With his confusion as to how many States are in the Union - due to an alleged lack of sleep - perhaps his true allegiance(s) once in a while squeak out from the primordial ooze from which he emerged. Every time this sorry excuse of a leader opens his yapper, he proves to the world just how foolish he really is...perhaps it is beginners' luck? It could be his father's fault, if he knew who he was:
Barack Obama was born Steven Urkel in a log cabin near Springfield, Illinois. His father was a militant piano tuner from one of those African countries where they change the national boundaries every other week. His mother was a loan officer at the Oppressed Proletariat Bank and Trust Company where she spent her days rejecting loans to people who had little more to cling to than God and guns. As a communist, she hated that her job forced her to oppress the poor and disenfranchised; but, also as a communist, she loved power and control so she threw herself into her work with alacrity. His father, not finding a large number of militant pianos in the American Great Plains, left the fledgling family for places with more bellicose musical tastes, leaving young Steven and his mom to fight capitalism alone. [...]
One never knows one evil lurks in the hearts of men.

With the Lame Stream Media fully nestled in his Marxist Crotch, the Sheeple wail and gnash their teeth upon every criticism of the Black Hole of Dumb that is Obama as he sucks the life force from this Nation each and every step he takes. As he and the media milk his mistakes, gaffes, errors, failures and misspeaks, we will continue the fight to utterly expose this cretin for what he indeed is...A Clear and Present Danger. Remember, the Lame Stream Media is now the 4th Branch of Government.

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