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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Baracks' Civilian National Security Force - Continuing Saga Unfolding


As you all know, we here at ANO will not let this subject die off as the Obama Camp would like. We have been receiving comments here and there and posts have been made in rebuttal but have vanished before I could memorialize them via screen shots.

However, at The American Thinker, there are two articles, one written by Thomas Lifson on 17 JUL 08 entitled, Another inconvenient truth down the Obama Memory Hole and one written by Lee Cary on 20 JUL 08 entitled, Obama's Civilian National Security Force. Thomas Lifson expresses the same concerns that we do and a host of others and Lee Cary has the closest and most palatable "explaining away" scenario as to what Barack actually meant that I have seen to date.

I do have one correction, however. In the Thomas Lifson piece, he mentions that WND "broke the story" which is in error. I wish that I could say that ANO broke the story but, we did not. We are merely picking up the Guidon that was dropped and carrying on forward into battle. Actually, in our first post here, one will find the only two that I know of that spoke of this before we did. Our first post on this was 09 JUL 08 (I originally read the story at AARP forum on 07 JUL 08). Exurban League was the first followed by Little Green Footballs. The running list of others since are listed in previous posts, chronicled at the end of this post.

Regardless, the Lee Cary piece states that all Barack's verbiage is nothing to be concerned about in regards to the Obama Youth conundrum but the words he spoke are potentially ominous and will have far-reaching affects on the tax collections required to carry this out. That is all fine and dandy but his body language in the video says something else all together. Until Barack Hussein Obama comes forth and explains this out in the open and not through one of his campaign flunkies (spokesman) in his own non teleprompter mannerisms will I begin to not suspect his Marxist Ideologies shining through - on the cuff. In part:
[...] The entire plan is breathtaking in its scope. But it does not, as at least one internet writer has suggested, portend a "giant police force." It would be easier to rebut if it did. As it is, it's silly stuff born of naively fanciful dreams.

Senator Obama aims to tap into the already active volunteerism of millions of Americans and recruit them to become cogs in a gigantic government machine grinding out his social re-engineering agenda. It's Orwellian-like, with a novice social activist's mentality at the helm. ... [...]
To me, these two paragraphs contradict. It may be my imagination running away with myself but I don't think so. The "silly stuff born of naively fanciful dreams" in one paragraph followed by "It's Orwellian-like, with a novice social activist's mentality at the helm" statement is a portent in and of itself.

Either way, whether it be a Civilian National Security Force equipped, just as powerful, just as strong and just as well funded as the United States Armed Forces or a gigantic play-pen for young people, the tax burden will be astronomical in scope. Both scenarios should be bringing down the roofs across America with a hearty "WHAT THE HELL IS HE TALKING ABOUT NOW!" sentiment.

Again, when I listen to the audio clips and then view the video paying close attention to the body language, methinks he doesn't want a play-pen for young people. The man is a Marxist-Communist the likes Mark and Engles would be proud of, let alone Saul Alinsky. In the same topical paragraph in his speech, he talked about increasing military strength by nearly 92,000 Troops and creating an equally expansive Civilian Force.

Lee Cary wrote a great article but I'm not buying it. Not yet.

Our friend x_dhimmi (deb) made us a video of the section of the main video in question. Watch his body language. All through the nearly 25-minute video, this is the only time his tonal inflections rose to the peak in which it did as he leaned into the microphone when he berated the military like he did. Nope. Not buying the Lee Cary piece at all.

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