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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell's Endorsement Negated by Prominent American Black Leaders


With a HT to Right Truth via this You Tube video, Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Hussein Obama means little to nothing if it means anything at all. How a former General in the US Military can side with a man that has had a hand in the deaths and wounding of American and Coalition forces doesn't necessarily stun this DAVFW but it does raise some eyebrows.

I have been conducting very intense and in-depth research on the subject of aiding and abetting the enemy in a time of war and the results of that research is indeed astounding. All in the name of political gain, the prominent leadership of the Democrat Party here in the United States have, in their quest and lust of power and control, are directly and indirectly responsible for emboldening and enabling of the enemy. This has resulted in prolonging the war with the consequences of causing the casualties of war. Colin Powell throwing in with this group strips him of any respect he may have once had from this DAVFW. Colin Powell has become a political hack. Congratulations.

I have been a subscriber to the National Black Republican Association since its inception and know exactly where they stand on the issues and they do not support the Marxist Obama. Check out Right Truth for a listing of other prominent Black Americans and see for yourself. I suppose Colin Powell didn't want to be classified as an Uncle Tom? I suppose that is better than being considered a turn-coat on those that have served, are serving and will serve. His endorsement of Barack disgusts me but it was to be expected...birds of a feather and all that.

Democrats and terrorists, RINOs and terrorists are one in the same...the scourge of the United States.

This ill-conceived endorsement casts a dark shadow on men like Stephen Fortunato.

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Politik Ditto:
[...] Eh, I really don't see this as a big deal. For starters anyone whose been paying attention to Powell of late knows that he's been leaning Left for years now, esp. in his criticism regarding the handling of the Iraq war. In turn, perhaps he remains bitter about taking many of the hits from the press since it was he that was front and center on the Bush administration's reasons for us needing to go into Iraq. Secondly, as a prominent black man in the political world, with a black man running for president, Powell's in a no-win situation: feeling guilty if he doesn't endorse Barack while also being a labeled a "sellout" or "Uncle Tom" or any other smear liberals use towards Black people don't toe the line and vote Democratic. Lastly, Powell's had such a relatively low profile since he resigned as Secretary of State that his endorsement just doesn't strike me as being that significant, except to liberals of course. [END]
Exactly so. A RINO is a RINO is a RINO...not to be respected and/or listened to.

Michelle Malkin
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The obligatory Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama post....actually from listening to Powell over the last months, I seriously thought he already had and just hadn't made it official, so while it isn't a surprise by any stretch of the imagination, the left is acting all surprised. [...]
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[...] A man who himself pushed very hard for the war at the time and now has become a rewriter of history of sorts, hoping to score a role in an Obama White house with a cabinet position as a joint chief perhaps so he can again try and send his previous position as a Bush Secretary of State down the memory hole to remove his name from the mischaracterized failures of the Iraq war scenario, made worse of coarse by the over the top liberal discourse from within the country fueling the rsistance and Al Queda the entire length of the process. [...]
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[...] Did Colin forget the he was an Uncle Tom along with Rice and Justice Thomas, maybe he is trying to make amends to the black community. [END]
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As I predicted a few days ago, Powell endorsed Obama. Some ask a very simple question: When was the last time Colin Powell ever endorsed a white liberal Democrat for high office? Answer? NEVER! What is the logical deduction? Powell's sudden endorsement of the most liberal member of the United States Senate was based on race, and race alone. [...]
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[...] I will not attempt to speculate whether race had any impact on Powell’s endorsement, however that won’t stop others like Rush. [...]