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Monday, October 20, 2008

Taking Our Country Back One Marxist Spider Hole At A Time

This article is published on Canada Free Press
This article published at American Daily Review

Everyone that knows me personally having met me at one time or another, or have spoken with me on the phone, or have had contact via email or blogging know how I feel about Barack Hussein Obama. They also know how I feel about John McCain, Joe Biden, Sarah Palin, John Jerk-Off Murtha, Spineless Reid, Nancy Liar Pelosi and a host of others that dwell in the Dishonorable Halls of Anti-Progress CONgress. They also know how I feel about President Bush, a fellow Texican. All one needs to do really is to scroll through the Tag Lines in the side-bar of this blog located near the bottom of this blog to get an inside glimpse of me and my inner thoughts - that I and I alone reveal at my pleasure. Some things are not nor will ever be revealed. These are reserved for personal contact after I read the body language of the people I meet.

With that said, I will at this time express myself as a Free American.

You can draw a 50-mile radius from where I live and within that 50-mile radius, I have in the last few months visited every institute of higher learning that I could and have spread the word about the impending dangers to this nation in the person of one Barack Hussein Obama and others like him. Fortunately, there are others in the blogosphere that have also been talking about these same issues and I can utilize their thoughts as well as my own. Unfortunately, these bloggers aren't really doing all that there is need to be done. Writing is fine but are they getting out on a one-on-one basis? For the most part I will have to say no because I don't see them out there. I may be wrong.

I have been preaching and teaching that which I believe for decades but have only been writing in the blogs and forums since 1999. In internet time, that is almost an eternity. Most of my talking and preaching - others would call it opining - has been with the youth of this nation both internal and external of the United States Armed Forces up until 2004. In 2004, I hit the streets but it wasn't until July of 2008 that embarks on a journey of which I am currently undertaking.

If we are to Take Our Country Back, we must reeducate the youth of America. For decades and decades, our youth have been sold a bill of goods from people like Barack Hussein Obama that have a deep-rooted hatred for everything Traditional America. It stems from being suckered into the ideologies of "revolutionaries" such as Che Guevara, Saul Alinsky, Karl Marx and other social engineers. They have all been both Godless and godless. The void they feel because of it cannot be sated so they turn to violence, murder, madness and mayhem. Has Barack turned to this? Not yet but it is coming. Why else would he tell his "people" to "get in their faces"? Sounds confrontational to me.

The List of 45 that I have been passing around by the thousands will eventually take root in this nation and none too soon. I only wish that more would do what I do...make one-on-one contact with the youth because they are starving for something better than America Sucks that they hear from their teachers and professors. I know. I see it nearly every day. I have talked to thousands of students now and have had run-ins with Marxist teachers and professors that are quite upset that I dare inform their students that America doesn't suck. They are livid and several have threatened me with bodily injury much to the dismay of the students "in the audience", as it were. I merely smirk, look at the students and say something to the affect, "See?" They invariably shake their heads and ask to hear and see more.

I prove to those I speak with that Obama is buying the election or at least trying to. That much was obvious back in February. I also prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Obama, if he cannot buy the election, he will most assuredly try and steal it - it is the only way he can win it.

Many times I have proven that Obama's mystical tax cuts for 95% of Americans is a myth even without Mark Steyn's help but his recent article will help in the days to come. I have proven that the War In Iraq has been a smashing success with the primary proof being that the DNC no longer uses it as an election issue. That in itself is pretty much the only indicator one needs.

Among many issues, the issue about Barack's citizenship has become a talking point on several North Texas college campuses. If he is indeed a US Citizen - a belief that I once held emphatically but no more - why then hasn't he produced his birth certificate or COLB? Armed with a recent report from Chicago Ray, I will charge forward with the issue. The law suits to remove Barack Hussein Obama from the ballots across this nation are on the rise. Barack can stop it in its tracks by producing his PROOF that he is a natural-born citizen of the United States. What id he hiding and why?
[...] There's obviously no simple yes answer from the shady 'Bama campaign as they would've already provided it. They're already contemplating how to rewrite the constitution to accommodate the "Amazing Lyin' Obama" who is likely telling DNC officials that are likely freaking out this was all a simple oversight as he was never required to produce this proof before and therefore didn't realize he wasn't a legal U.S.Citizen. [...]
He is hiding this for several reasons. If he is elected and I doubt that he will be, he will create a constitution conundrum such as this nation has never seen if he is proven to be a non-citizen. It is one more attempt in a very long list of attempts to rewrite our history and our Constitution which, by the way, is the Law of The Land, much to the chagrin of SCOTUS in recent decades.

Obama is a Marxist. Of that there is no doubt. His reactions and the reactions of his most adamant supporters to Joe the Plumber hold that as proof positive. Why else would they scurry to "change the subject"?

When I explain to the students and then show them the record versus the rhetoric, the scales are lifted from their eyes. I even had a professor of Humanities shrieking to students not to listen to me. The students asked why and this idiot pretty much said because "he is screwing up everything I have been teaching for years". I smiled. I smirked and said, "See?"

Facts are facts folks and when they are presented in such a way as to create an atmosphere to allow the student to honestly ask a question without fear of getting bad or poor grades because of it, they do ask questions and they do learn Truth.

I have no idea where these seeds will go or how much they will grow or even take root. I just know that I am doing my part.

Are you?