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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Obama, Yoots Gangs, Truth Goons, Armies of Teachers, etc, etc, etc


I have been writing and talking about Barack's Civilian National Security Forces for quite some time. Doug Ross has a piece up today talking about Obama's plans for a paramilitary force for the internal security of the United States. Barack even mentioned it in the last Presidential debate and the pundits did their best "ho hum" impersonation because it isn't politically expedient to bring it up. This reveals a level of cowardice that seems to be building up and becoming more frequent. His mention of his "armies of teachers" sent a chill up my spine and it wasn't the orgasmic chill that nut Matthews experienced either. Think List of 45 people.

In the piece by Doug Ross, he has a photo collection that gives one the visuals required to at least begin to understand the dangers this nation faces.
[...] You people starting to get the picture yet?

I wonder if the new Internal Security Force plans to use Obama's distinctive logo on their armbands? [END]
In my Reader, I have amassed hundreds of articles, items and blog posts on this subject. I have also written quite a few myself with the first one being in early July when the Marxist Barack first mentioned it. If only I had been a plumber. Then maybe someone in the press would pay attention to it. For your reading enlightenment, here is a spattering...

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The above is just the beginning. In recent weeks we have learned of the Obama Truth Squads and we have witnessed the violence of Barack's supporters increase in magnitude yet the press is silent. The politicians are silent. Someone wears a McCain-Palin t-shirt and they get attacked and vilified. Someone hangs up on an Obama canvasser and the Secret Service and the FBI get phone calls. Someone exposes Obama's ACORN voter fraud people and Obama tries to get the Justice Department to file charges and/or calls for an independent prosecutor to investigate the dissenters.

Joe the Plumber questions Obama and the Daily Kos calls for the destruction of Conservatives.

What I find telling or interesting is while Obama calls for his Civilian National Security Forces to be formed, the Leftinistra claim that it is GWB or McCain that are trying to bring this all about. Pretty bizarre. Too "rich" actually and "Rather" odd that a proponent of Czarbamas' Civilian National Security Force should opine and lie about the alleged United Police State of America. Then again, they are libtards so I really shouldn't expect much differently. It seems like they are upset with streamlining intelligence gathering. Imagine that. I suppose they are in fear of being "found out"? Might have something to do with poogs.