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Monday, October 20, 2008

Obama Is A Goon Encouraging Other Goons To Be Goons


Didn't someone say that Obama was all about the United States Constitution? Didn't someone say that Obama was all about Free Speech? Am I mistaken? Did I hear that all wrong? Or, was it all a lie? Never mind. I answered my own questions. As long as we all agree with the Marxist Zombie from Chicago, Kenya, Hawaii or wherever the hell it is he is from, all is well and we have the Freedom to do as we please. If we disagree and question what the hell he is talking about and demanding the SPECIFICS, he tries to shut out "dissent". I hear tell that socialist and communist nations do that and they have special places called Gulags to house such "disagreeable" types.

From CFP...Obama Demands Probe of Investigators Probing Criminal Group ACORN

Why on Earth would the wanna-be First Czar of the USSA want to go after the folks that are going after criminal activities? What is that all about?

Another from CFP...Shadow Soros Compiling Obama Team

What? Why is Soros promoting Obama? Isn't Soros the self-professed and self-announced ideologue of One World Socialism? If so, and if Obama isn't a proponent of said same, why is he not denouncing and rejecting such support?

And, again, from CFP...Al-Jazeera for Obama

Wow. There's that Democrats and Terrorists topic again.

From Chicago Ray..."Just Call Them Obama Bin Biden For Short"..Now Hamas Endorses Biden As Well, Obama Already In The Fold

This is getting weird.

From the Freedomists...We Are All Plumbers Now!

Exactly. I suggest we all take up arms with plungers and march on DC. Something is clogged and we must clear the channels.

From JWF...Chicago School Chief on Annenberg: 'There Was a Total Lack of Accountability'

That's a joke. Right? My sarcasm is duly noted. Shame on me.


Really? Ya think? Again, my sarcasm is duly noted. Shame on me.

From Jules Crittenden...Ix-Nay On The Olitical Correctness-Pay

HOLY COW! I thought I was someplace else for a moment and Czarbie won the election I must have been sleeping through. A nice hot cup of coffee helped that out considerably.

From NRO...McCarthy: Obamas Assault on Our Unum

I was sitting down for that one protecting certain body parts.

From NRO...Kurtz: Something New Here

Ummm. It isn't new to those of us that have been PAYING ATTENTION!!! What has Czarbie been hiding? Good God Almighty people.

From Memeorandum...Barack Obama is the better choice for our president

Good Lord. That was is the token moonbat dweeb moron post for this post. That clown couldn't get any more moonbattier if IT tried. And no, there is no sarcasm there. The guy is a fruit loop.

From Power Line...Obama: Already Damaging Our Relations With Allies

Not a surprise at all what with the Logan Act violations and all that...eh?

Power Line again (I have been HARPING on this for YEARS)...Willful Blindness

Indeed. Traditional America, US Constitution and our Sovereignty under attack...not new news at all but a required reminder.

RADARSITE...Gary Fouse: John McCain is the right choice for president

Ain't THAT the Truth or what?

From RWS...McCain bus was shot at

You have to read that one! Obama Goons are escalating their attacks people. There are others now reporting on this: Gateway Pundit, Jammie Wearing Fool, more at Memeorandum,



From Yid With Lid...How the Dems Plan to SHUT UP THE RIGHT

HA! Over my dead body! Oh. Wait.

From Ace of Spades...Reasonable Conservative Supports Vigilante Assaults Against Capitalistic Enemies of the People