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Monday, October 27, 2008

If Biden Can Flourish, So Can I


A pictorial is worth a bazillion words. Verbiage can be written or spoken but pictures do much better. Then again, pictures and verbiage is even better. Correct? All pictures below are courtesy Anti-Mullah.

Once upon a time, there was an election in the United States. It was the very last of the free elections and the rest for several generations were those in the Saddam Hussein Iraq era. He always got 100% of the votes with the dissenters placed in rape rooms, brothels and wood shredders. The One that brought about these new style elections was a magical entity and he was able to sucker the once mighty Main Stream Media since relegated to zipping and unzipping the trousers of The One...he cannot be soiled you know. Thus, their reward was leg shivers for as long as they desired. It was indeed uncanny and eerie but the journalists, with nothing of importance to report any longer save that which The One deemed appropriate, necessary and fair, what else was there to do but tend their allotted lot in life. They neither had more or less than what they needed to get by on from day to day and the lines at the State Food Dispensaries were always stocked with the required sustenance for the day.

The One frolicked with his most ardent and loyal friends day by day and he was pleased. His many women were clad eloquently in the garb of the day. They were once called Burrkahs but, that was no longer chic. Rosie O'Donnel renamed them something else which escapes me at the moment, allah be praised. The Civilian National Security Forces were ardent followers of The One and ensured strict compliance to the New Code and the New Way of The One, lord messiah and prophet of the New Order.

The newly formed Islamic 57 States World Compliance Enforcement Committees saw to it that the populace behaved according to The One. Hawaii was made the New Reeducation Camps with limited access so as to not raise Cain and irk the ire of those suited unfit to dwell among The One's Chosen.

The One was said to be the archaic Anti-Christ but The One merely chuckled to himself and let that be because after all, he did have a sense of humor. Also, he stipulated that the christ was dead and he is The New One. So, there was no need to really banish those that so believed in the silly 666 Myth. However, those that were rather madly convinced were sent to The Camps in Hawaii...out of sight and out of mind, as it were...allah be praised. Alas, I have gotten ahead of myself. We must take a trip down memory lane, The New One willing. Change was in the air and now that Change is here, we can look back to see how The Change came to be.

Unknown to the silly people that so thought Freedom was The Ideal, there were agents of The Change sent to the now defunct USA, once a great power and Beacon of Hope and Freedom to reteach the Wanderlings and sway them from their evil ways and means.

The Changlings were sent to lead The New Way and the New Social Order because those that went before them had failed and were banished to obscurity and worked behind closed doors to pave The Way for The One to emerge. They were known as The Ayers and The Alinsky and more that cannot be known because the elements in Hawaii just might get loose one day and ruin it all. Those are the silly people that called themselves conservatives.

The One had friends and there was not much difference between them. Their goals and beliefs were the same. The USA had become iconic and The One was jealous because he was destined to be The New Icon and his friends agreed. He was schooled in their ways in a remote land called Kenya and Indonesia now part of the rightful Caliphate, allah be praised and exalted above all and everything, but The One. Aren't those hats just the cat's tongue? But, The One was lonely for his family because his father has deserted him as a child and was adopted by an enemy of the old USA, that terrible Beacon of Hope and Freedom that the world both worshiped and hated. His family was far away but the word soon reached The One and he was pleased.

They were on their way. It wasn't clear how they would traverse the High Seas but The One would find a way. Having heard that their The One had accomplished his Hope and Change in a far away place, they came from hither and yon, seeking their rightful solace in their The One's shadow and worth presence and shelter.

They brought nothing but what they could carry knowing that The One would grant them all they would ever need to live day by day. They were The Family from different parents, some having upwards to 9 different mothers and hundreds of fathers or so the lore was passed down from that single tree with no limbs. It was quite simple really.

Soon, adequate housing would finally be afforded to them as it was their right of passage. No longer would they live in squalor and fight off those Malaria buzzy bugs. No more sleeping in mud huts with dirt as their carpet. Milk and Honey was the order of the day. Security would no longer be a problem because all are the same and no one would need more than their fair share. Nor would they desire anything more than The One so proclaimed. The One spoke and all that was to be as it was spoken by The One would be. No longer would the rains fill the bedding. Utopia, that mythical place of No Place was finally discovered and was within reach of all that bowed at the feet of The One.

No longer were there rumors and factual voter fraud, that ugly four-letter Freedom Word. The One made sure of that. Oddly enough, after The One was crowned Prince of allah in The New World, he received all of the votes because he was The One and was well beloved.

It no longer mattered that he was not born of the Old World because he was a Citizen of The New World and that was all that mattered...it was settled in The New World Courts and the Disjointed and Unilaterally Tainted Nations of Old York. Old York was the vast wastelend that was created during the testing. The Testing Time was a frightening time for all - even for The One. The One was told by his friend of Persia that all would be well as long as he had all of Arabia and the lands between, adjacent to and abutting those lands between and next to and beyond. But The Other One soon became enraged with ire and loss of sleep from working 20 hours a day with no rest.

The testing came and all was not well at the Temple Of Doom and Gloom, affectionately named because none were worthy of allah save The Real One that The Other One truly hated. The skies filled with rocket pollutants and poked holes in The Ozone which was worshiped by The Gore now sequestered in a safe but undisclosed location rumored to be made of rubber for his own sacrifices to The One which banished him from other people that would do him harm - especially those banished to the Reeducation Camps. The rockets had no guidance and went to and fro seeking whom they could devour and destroy. They went wild and followed their programming by The Other One that hated The True New One that had a number 12 on his hinder parts so none could see who he was. It is said that the skies were filled with mushrooms, but, alas, that was before my time and The One is not so openly speaking of such things now that time has passed and the crops have once again started to grow, albeit they glow in the dark.

It makes it easier to harvest.

As time went by, those that could or would pray, both Man and Beast, did so and The One hunted them down but could not find them...he couldn't swim.

If allowed, vote accordingly.

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