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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Message To The Fair Weather Eeyores...I Mean Conservatives


Eeyores. Poor things. Hillbuzz has offered up some warnings that some of our Eeyores have obviously already conceded to but there is Hope. And, there is Change.
Obama saved the most important words of his rousing speech in Florida at midnight, with Bill Clinton at his side, for the end: "Power concedes nothing without a fight." In other words, don't rest confident in the polls. If you [want] Obama to be President, make sure you vote, and encourage all of your friends to vote, too.

This is really intended for Republicans who did not follow the primaries on the Democrats’ side this year (because, well, we guess you took a nice long Atlantis cruise to Mars, in which case, color us jealous).

The same pattern that unfolded during our primaries is happening again, because the media has just one tattered old used playbook (written by David Axelrod, of course), and they have not deviated from it yet. What the media and Obama campaign did, in concert, to Hillary Clinton before every major primary is what they are doing to McCain/Palin now. Here are the top three media/Obama head tricks to watch out for in the last days before the election.

If you, collectively, can keep Republicans and other McCain voters from falling for these, we believe there’s nothing Obama can do to win this election. The ONLY way McCain loses is if you Eeyores allow the media to keep you from the polls. [...]
The above is woefully and obviously obvious but the oblivious haven't quite caught on. Fortunately, I have Bragging Rights. I don't fall for anything...except for the occasional April Fool's thing of which I owe CJ a pay back one of these days. And, I have not fallen for any of the above.

The very last entry in the above is exactly what I have been harping on since 2006 on a full time basis. So, without further ado, in short, here are the Three Traps:

(1) Calls for McCain to just give up and quit, because the race is over.
(2) Wild claims of Obama winning states that shock and surprise you.
(3) Repeated insistence that blacks and young people will decide this election, and they are all going to vote in record numbers for Obama.

Click the link provided to read the explanations. The astute won't need to but should any way. The Eeyores are probably licking their wounds - self inflicted by the way - or are too busy pouting and whining that things didn't quite go their way or their predictions are so far off and way off base that no one takes them seriously anymore about anything at the moment. That in itself is a travesty to say the least.

We are at war people. We need Warriors and not whiners. Personally and professionally, I have never had time to baby sit the whiners. The whiners are part of the overall problem in my estimation. I have read prominent and well known bloggers and columnists that have given up the fight. They have become part of the problem. If they have nothing to say in a positive light, they need to shut up, sit down and get out of the way so the Warriors have a Clear Field of Fire. If they don't, they are going to get hit and that will be their problem/issue and not mine. Get over it. Then again, those writers just may never read this but another lowly blogger like myself just might and grow a spine. Remember, if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem and just might BE the problem.

The war we are engrossed in here in the Home Front doesn't have lead and steel projectiles hurtling through the air - at the moment - but the potential is there. The "liberal feminists" have so spoken it for the very first time that I can remember. The war is all about information and disinformation. In my former line of work, we called it PSYOPS. I was damn good at it back then and I am still damn good at it now.

In previous posts here and here, I posted the "inside data" coming from the Obama Campaign. As I stated in those posts, the information could be what we call a "mind fuck" to be perfectly blunt...it is what it is and I couldn't sugar-coat that one at all. It could be factual. The problem is figuring out from other sources and clues in the open and hidden what the Truth is. One has to be able to detect the rhetoric transitions. One has to be able to detect behavioral deflections, changes and variants. One has to be able to discern body language and be able to detect when someone is using body language to hide the body language being transmitted in an attempt to hide the real body language that is being suppressed from the emanating of the Truth.

One has to be able to determine the facts at hand versus the facts unknown. One has to be able to compare the possible disinformation with the "released" information and the timing of both and then compare that data to the body language of your subject and those surrounding your subject. It helps if one has half a brain because this can surely cause a self-induced "mind fuck". People that have no training in this area really shouldn't try it. I have the training and I have used it for many years. Have I ever been wrong? You betcha. Show me another like myself that says they haven't been wrong and I will show you a liar.

I have said all of the above to say this: Barack Hussein Obama is in trouble. Why else would he be sending the signals that he is indeed a socialist? You say, "WHAT?" I say, "STFU and STFD."

Obama has tried to use the legal system to close down any opposition in recent weeks.

Obama has told his followers to "get in their faces". This was done with no guidelines and is subject to individual interpretation. He can claim plausible deniability.

Obama has had followers start up multiple "associations" which many of us have referred to as Goon or Truth Squads. Several of them are known as the Obama Camps with youth performing Obama Chants and folks call them cute or quaint. Again, he can claim plausible deniability.

Obama has discharged from his Haughtiness, reporters that support the Opposition.

Obama warns that power concedes nothing without a fight. That is code-speak, in case you haven't figured that out yet. It could mean quite a few things. In this instance, it means, I might lose this one this time.

Obama has claimed that if you don't want higher taxes to help your fellow American, you are selfish. I am sure Bashman has something special to say about that one.

Obama has claimed that government can't solve every problem but he wants to grow it bigger because he wants to solve all your problems...by raising your taxes.

McCain has called the trio of Obama, Pelosi and Reid the Dangerous Threesome. That is a mouthful and is also Code Speak.

Obama and Pelosi have come out and said to not fear a DNC majority and White House. They said there would be more bi-partisanship than ever before and we all know what that means. Again, it is Code Speak. On the other hand, if there are no worries, then why bother to come out and say such things?

I could go on and on but there are so many instances that I would be here until after the elections writing it all down. One of my many curses is that I can read up to 1200 words a minute and the comprehension and retaining levels are in the 90s. I read a lot.

Not to overstate the very obvious, Obama has outspent McCain nearly 3:1 and the best he can get out of the left-handed pollsters is a dead heat tie? Not that I give any pollster a serious thought since 1976, the evidence of their OBVIOUS slant and spin is the very indicator any honest person needs.

The only way Obama wins this election is if the Eeyores let him win in some sort of mentally ill notion that Obama would be good for the nation in the long run. Not that I think for one minute that Obama is going to win or anything, I want to say the following and you can quote me on this:
"If Obama wins the election and the DNC has control of Congress with a massive majority, when the shit hits the fan, do not - I repeat - do not think for one minute that I will risk my life for yours to clean the fan off."
I have risked my life; I have carried the wounded; I have carried the dead for better people than the Eeyores. I have bled and I have shed blood for better people than the Eeyores. To me, the Eeyores are not worthy of my sacrifice or the sacrifices of millions of others past, present or future. But, we fight for them anyway and don't expect anything in return because we never get it.

So, suck it up. Ruck up. We have a war to win here people.

There are police forces across this nation gearing up for the riots that just might materialize either the 4th or 5th. I have it on good word that this taking place and they are gearing up for the worse and praying for the best. Don't make me tell you, "I told you so."

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