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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ohama's Civilian National Security Forces Came Up Again


My very first post on this subject was 09 JUL 08, 7 days after the infamous words were spoken at a rally where Winter Soldiers hung out to dry and do whatever it is that they do when they are betraying their Oaths of Service.

Either a brave soul or someone with more time on their hands than they should have actually watched the Infomercial First Czar put out tonight. In that Infomercial, Czarbie mentioned that he was going to "rebuild the military." I doubt it but, several times, Obama has stated that he was going to "increase the size" of the military which flies in the face of recent statements by his fellow socialists that they intend on CUTTING the military by 25%. One of them is lying. I am banking on Obama being the liar...because he is good at it and does it quite frequently.

Little Green Footballs also reported on this Obama Civilian National Security Force way back then also and made reference to it in the above link. Makes me wonder what he was alluding to when he mentioned the "coalition of powers to bring about redistributive change" in that 2001 interview. Doesn't it make you wonder?

Gateway Pundit evidently also watched the Infomercial and is wondering the same about this CNSF of Obama's. Gateway also mentions that the Infomercial was foreign funded. Go figure. Yep. Just like a socialist democrat to lie, cheat and steal their way to an election victory. As we all have seen and perhaps more need to see it, Babalu Blog knows exactly what Barack is up to.

Sister Toldjah watched it and she said that Obama lost her at "Hello".

Sorry Czarbie. It ain't gonna work for you this time around.

Melissa at RWN says it was overkill and was not impressive...glad I didn't waste my time.

For me, there are two main issues that cloud the Fraud Obama - his Civilian National Security Forces and his AWOL birth certificate. His medical records and college records and other things are neatly and safely tucked away sealed against scrutiny while McCain has been open and has presented all there is to present.

So. what is he hiding?

Anyway, to learn more about the Civilian National Security Forces, check below and be sure to check out the audio and You Tube.

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