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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

McCain Gaining Ground and Obama Losing It


Gateway Pundit brings us news via the Russian Interfax that former socialists will be voting for McCain. I wonder what they know that Obama's uneducated masses don't know. After all, many of them don't even know what socialism is. I find that relatively hard to understand but I see it every day as I try and reeducate the college YOOTS of America.

Yid With Lid brings us the stealth socialism of the Marxist Obama and fills us in on all the "buzz words" - Freudian slips? - that Czarbie uses. Then again, one can always go over to the American Thinker and learn all about the manufactured "troubles" or the various manufactured crises so invented by the Leftinistra. (NOTE: few official definition of Leftinistra here.) No matter the spin as spun by the official Spinmeisters hired by the Marxist Czarbie, the fact that Obama has donated to Marxists in the past causes the vast majority of Americans to question Obama's loyalties - to whom or to what does he swear his allegiance?

As a side-bar, I am inwardly ecstatic that someone else has decided to begin spreading the news about the List of 45. We are far and few between you know but in the light that Czarbie is turned on himself by letting the world know that he is in fact a socialist, it makes it easier to explain to these college kids I see everyday what the Red Threat is that we face in Obama and his kind.

As the title so states, Obama is in a free-fall no matter what the pollsters are blathering about. As more and more is made known about the Obama-Khalidi connection and the MSM hiding the evidence, all this does is cast shadows of doubt and we all know how suspicious Americans are about such activities - aren't we? I am. If it isn't such a big deal, why not disclose it? What is there to hide if it will just reveal how GREAT the relationship is? Many of us have folks on the inside and we have been receiving word that the polls have been purposefully skewed. A confession can be found here.

It goes the same in regards to the Obama-Ayers connections.

It goes the same in regards to the Obama-Wright connections.

It goes the same in regards to the Obama-Rezko connections.

It goes the same in regards to the Obama-CPUSA connections.

It goes the same in regards to the Obama-Pakistan connections.

It goes the same in regards to the Obama anti-Constitution rhetoric.

It gos the same in regards to the Obama anti-Americanist associations.

If they aren't such a big deal and quite OK, why not then come out and admit them instead of trying to vainly and unsuccessfully spin the relationships? Everybody recognizes the spin and we aren't buying the "plausible deniability" crap anymore.

Not one time has Obama said any tangible or viable explanations as to how he is the right one to protect this nation against the threats we face. Not once. Ever. Why? Because he doesn't have what it takes. Why? Because he has no experience at all. None. Neither does his gaffemeister Biden that once stated that the Presidency was not a position that afforded the availability of on-the-job training - he was referring to Barack Obama.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has recently stated:
[...] Sarkozy has made his criticisms only in closed forums in France. But according to a senior Israeli government source, the reports reaching Israel indicate that Sarkozy views the Democratic candidate's stance on Iran as "utterly immature" and comprised of "formulations empty of all content." [...]
Yet, we are to believe that the inexperienced Marxist Obama that has befriended known Enemies of The State both foreign and domestic is the cat's meow of National Security.

We have all heard the audio clip of Barack Obama exposing his socialism in 2001. The entire audio has been released and it is located here in mp3 format. I have listened to the entire clip and there is no contextual disparities iin the full length version and the You Tube version. However, the Obama Goons have been asking that the You Tube version be removed and the answer was a loud NO.
Some of you have inquired as to why we didn’t request a takedown notice for the YouTube video. Here’s the deal: As an organization we strive to be an impeccable source of independent, unbiased news and information. While our audio content in this case was excerpted and repackaged in way that wasn’t in keeping with our own editorial standards, the source audio was available to others on the web and its use in this case was within generally acceptable fair use provisions. Thus, we didn’t have any clear legal claim to intervene one way or the other. And more importantly, to do so would have been tantamount to intervening on behalf of the Obama campaign. To take actions that could be construed as helping either campaign (Obama’s or McCain’s) is contrary to our own standards of reporting in an unbiased and independent manner. Instead, we believed the best approach was simply to make available the original source of the audio - in its entirety - for others to listen to themselves and to decide what Senator Obama said and meant.
And that is how it should be. Get over it. As for Barack's self-professed and inexcusable socialism, The People's Cube has all you would ever need to check for yourself. To go along with that, whenever a Presidential Aspirant compares the country he wants to rule to Nazi Germany, I doubt his Patriotism and his veracity as a sane individual.

When a Presidential Candidate refuses to provide proof of their Constitutional eligibility to aspire to the Presidency and has judges running interference for him in the process of evading Truth, I question their motive(s) which causes the doubts to morph into suspicion which turns into complete and total disgust. I hate cowards. What is he afraid of? Truth? Who fears Truth?

When a Presidential Aspirant, claiming to know the United States Constitution and having been professor TEACHING the Constitution doesn't even know the Constitution, how then can he be a leader of a Constitutional Government? Unless, naturally, he intends to eliminate that Constitution. After all, Barack's Marxist ideologies are diametrically opposed to Freedom and the US Constitution stands in his way.

Barack didn't even write his own book.

No one knows if the polls are accurate. No one. Better people than I are in a tizzy about the polls and others swallow the poll data as Gospel. It has been said that the internal polls do not agree with the polls released to the general public.