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Sunday, November 30, 2008

TDS: Troop Derangement Syndrome and Other War Related News


Well now. Ain't this quaint? Iraqi Vets Forced to Lick Supposed Urine Off the Ground in Wisconsin. Blog posts are at Gateway Pundit and The Big Feed and LGF, with the article here. I applaud the veterans for not taking care of business as they very well could have. It is a good thing that their professionalism and training were better than the moron "peace officers" that perpetrated the incident. One of these days there is going to be hell to pay, people. Let's just say that it wasn't piss. OK? Does that make it any different? Being forced by alleged Law Enforcement to lick anything off of the ground or to eat a plant soaked in an unknown liquid is certainly unacceptable. Open Season cannot possibly be too far off.

The Leftinistra are totally ignorant in regards to Defense Budgets and spending but that won't stop them for continuing the rape of the military reminiscent of Ghengis Clinton. But, the weakened condition of Al Qaeda in Iraq and Afghanistan are Bush's fault but there are relative few that are blaming him for that. I find that curious...don't you?

As a bone of contention, seeing that I had to deal with the meat whistles of the Pentagon, I am absolutely convinced that the Pentagon needs to be purged of the libtards that dwell there, sucking up their salaries and pensions and not doing their jobs. They are now screwing with wounded veterans...again. When will we have our fill of such treasonous cads such as these? The world still does and always will need and rely on America's military might but sometimes I think we should just tell the world to kiss our asses. An "extra" brigade is being sent into Afghanistan as I write this to the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. They will do their jobs as they should yet the libtards will not appreciate them one iota. That is what makes our Troops a higher quality group of people than any amount of liberals.

I am sure Michael Yon would agree.