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Sunday, November 30, 2008

War News Update: From Mumbai and Around The Orb


Hundreds of posts and articles stored here in regards to Mumbai (Bombay - how appropriate) reveal several items of interest and those interests are as follows:

India had knowledge before hand and I suppose Bush did that too
Pakistan acting like American Democrats are blaming someone else for their responsibility, primarily the Israelis, friends of Bush
Terrorism is alive and well no matter the American liberals that lie otherwise...or the terrorists
Pakistan informs India to not get carried away and do something like protect themselves from further attacks
The terrorists (liberals call them freedom fighters) failed in their mission to kill 5K
The attacks are being classified as India's 911
Don't count on American liberals to figure any of this out any time soon...they lack the mental and moral fortitude to do so
Those responsible for the attacks have denied responsibility because killing civilians is not a legitimate tactic...must be reading from a revised Quran
Someone is asking dumb questions like "could it happen here"
American ignorant media miss the point(s)

So, what do we do about all of this now? The horses already left the barn so I guess we just MoveOn and do nothing because after all, wasn't it Bush's fault since Iran agrees? The liberals think so. If they accept our warnings, perhaps they will change their minds or at least we can always hope so.

The news streaming from Iraq is so good that the frauds that are alleged news journalists and alleged reporters cannot bring themselves to inform the American Public of it.
Looks like George Bush's vision of a safer and free Iraq from Tyranny, Saddam Hussein, His Sons and their Henchmen, along with the throes of the Iranians has finally come to fruition, against of coarse all the hopes and wishes of the left and the MSM. When you see stories like this one below that show the remarkable turnaround there now that the MSM has stopped covering Al Queda's operations like top news from Hollywood, with huge front page headlines, photo's and top of the hour news flashes like they were doing 2 and 3 years ago.

That was of coarse before the military was finally allowed to get serious under the guidance of General Patreaus and the surge that Obama fought against so vociferously. The operation across Iraq that kicked and killed the living snot out of Al Queda and sent the Iranian backed militants scurrying for the nearest caves while the media ensconced themselves in Barack Hussein Obama's backside for 2 years...
Go figure.

Iran is threatening the Straight of Hormuz again and the proper disposition of a dead terrorist POS is properly demonstrated by Indian Commandos...ATTA BOY!!! BTDT!!

Al Qaeda's #2 whore of allah says that the USA must surrender, embrace islam and give up beer. Someone needs to tell the moron's fighters about giving up the drugs and alcohol first and the same group notices that the American victories in Iraq are factual. So do the libtards with a twist but don't tell anyone...they might self-detonate.

There is a low-level War Warning between Pakistan and Iraq and this is to be expected and just may very well be what the terrorists want and much to the chagrin of the Leftinistra, President Bush was right about Iran and the libtards were - EGADS! - wrong, as usual.

UPDATE!! The MORONS at the KOSmonoffs have officially sided with the terrorists and have joined them in blaming the USA for the Mumbai attacks...not surprising is it? Dog Ross writes (and I also agree and have writen extensively about): "As I noted in my previous post, the left's refusal to espouse a patriotic love of country (and thus to the West) serves only to embolden our enemies. The fight for civilization, unfortunately, isn't just abroad, but is confronting us head on right here at home as well." AMEN