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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Obama's Marxism: Downfall of America


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And that's just the way it is whether people know it or accept it or not.

Right Side News via Vincent Gioia:
American voters were faced with Hobson's choice in this election as far as global warming was concerned. McCain the loser was on board for many years with the false notion that humans can affect climate change. The country elected as the next president someone who harbors the same or more extreme views on the subject. Since Democrats envision an all powerful government with greater control, it is not surprising that President Barack Obama will carry the torch for this phony ideology to new heights.

So there is no doubt where the incoming president will lead us, this is what Obama has said:
"Few challenges facing America -- and the world -- are more urgent than combating climate change."
Apparently Obama fears global warming more than other conditions facing the United States. [...] read the rest
Obama. Global Warming Fraud swallower and idiot.

Doublespeak and American Socialism via Cliff Kincaid:
"Mortgage Rates Fall as U.S. Expands Rescue" was the page-one headline in the November 26 Wall Street Journal. The story concerned a promise from federal officials to "pump" another $800 billion into the economy, bringing the grand total of the cost of various bailouts to something over $8 trillion. The term "rescue" is laughable but is used for the obvious purpose of confusing people about the calamity that has befallen our nation. If we're not bankrupt now, we will be someday because we are being "rescued" by the federal government. This is the ultimate in what William Lutz, in his 1997 book of the same name, called "doublespeak."

Ronald Reagan always warned of government officials who said they were there to help you.

I would have written that Journal story under the headline, "U.S. Plunges Deeper into Socialism." But, of course, I'm biased. [...] read the rest
Me too. I'm biased. I swore an Oath to protect the United States Constitution from both foreign and domestic enemies. So, when does Open Season start?

Socialism, Straight from the Horses Mouth via Donald Douglas: this is an article about the International Socialist Review, "Capitalism’s Worst Crisis Since the 1930s" essay. Doug's conclusion?
[...] So, interestingly, once in office, the degree of repudiation of the radical netroots will be a key indicator of how far an Obama administration is willing to openly advocate an objectively socialist (i.e., anti-capitalist) policy program. [END] read the rest
Spot On.

Making the World Safe for Marxism via Randall Hoven:
[...] I thought communism was defeated when the Berlin Wall came down. I'm now thinking the Wall falling was the equivalent of treating Snowden's leg. We did not defeat communism at all.

It is almost commonplace to accuse someone of being like Hitler or acting Nazi-like. (Googling "bush hitler" yields 1,300,000 hits, for example.) Yet you are considered beyond the pale, and possibly insane, to even suggest that someone might harbor Marxist sympathies. To question someone's dedication to traditional American or merely Western ideals = calling him communist = being Joe McCarthy = we now know you're nuts.

Case number one is Representative Michele Bachman. She merely suggested that the press should look more intently to see if some Democrats and Barack Obama in particular harbor anti-American attitudes. The headline at the Huffington Post? "Michele Bachman Channels McCarthy. Obama Very Anti-American. Congressional Witch Hunt Needed." Contributions to Bachman's political rival poured in. [...] read the rest
We did defeat communism "over there" but we neglected it here in the States because it wasn't politically expedient because of the Free Speech thing. So now, thanks to the Marxists and the cowards that ignored them, we now are on the verge of not having Free Speech to combat it. That's OK. I can still hit my mark at 400+ with my Remington 243. Let's Roll. Britain is having this same problem but is showing signs of waking up...drowsy, but waking up.

Socialist Republic via Patrick J Buchanan: (don't really like this guy too much but he makes a good point here...
Barack Obama and George W. Bush seem to have come away from their study of the Great Depression with similar conclusions:

To wit: After the Crash of 1929, the Federal Reserve did not move fast enough to save the banks and inject cash into the economy. Second, the New Deal, far from being wastrel deficit spending, was not bold enough. So it was that America wallowed in depression for a decade until the unbridled spending and mammoth deficits of World War II pulled us out.

Bush and Obama seem determined not to make the same mistake.

We are all Keynesians now.

Thus, we have the $700 billion Bush bank bailout, the $700 billion "stimulus package" Obama wants by inauguration to "jolt this economy back into shape" and the $800 billion fund Hank Paulson created to get consumers borrowing and buying again.

These come on top of Bush $455 billion deficit, the $29 billion bailout of Bear Stearns, the $105 billion in pork to grease the $700 billion bailout, the $100 billion to $200 billion to keep Fannie and Freddie afloat, the $140-billion-and-counting for AIG, the $25 billion for the greening of GM, Ford and Chrysler, the $25 billion more to save the Big Three and the $20 billion for CitiGroup.

Now much of this overlaps, and some will be retrieved. But we are still staring at a deficit that could approach $2 trillion.

How would this stack up historically?

A deficit of $1.4 trillion would be 10 percent of gross domestic product, dwarfing the postwar record 6 percent run by Ronald Reagan in the Jimmy Carter recession.

Bewailing the "Reagan deficits" has been a staple of Democratic oratory. This will stop. But the politics of this is not the point, the policy is.

Consider what we are about to do. Bush in 2008 spent 21 percent of GDP. States, counties and cities spent another 12 percent. Thus, one third of GDP is spent by government at all levels. Obama and Co. propose to raise that by another 10 percent of GDP. We may soon be north of 40 percent of gross domestic product controlled and spent by government.

That is Eurosocialism. [...]
Ouch. Isn't it ironic that as Europe begins to come to their senses and rejecting the failed socialism that has bankrupted them, the USSA goes the way of Europe? Too much really.

Social engineering: National Suicide via Henry Lamb: (now, this guy I just love!) I linked to Henry Lamb a while back in regards to the L.O.S.T. quagmire that we can look forward to Czarbie bringing back to life like a good little Marxist Hitleresque idiot that he is. I also linked to him here in a post in regards to the anti-Americanisms of Hussein Czarbama.
Social engineering by government always ends in disaster.

Social engineering occurs when government passes laws and regulations that force citizens to behave the way government thinks they should behave. Prohibition is a great example of social engineering. In 1919, government decided that its citizens should not drink "intoxicating liquors." This "government-knows-best" idea produced more than a decade of lawlessness far worse than citizen intoxication. Prohibition was repealed in 1933.

Free people in a free market always produce the best products, most efficiently, at the lowest price. Every time government "engineering" intrudes into the market, products, efficiency, price – and consumers – ultimately suffer.

Social engineering is always proposed with the best of intentions and sold with grandiose utopian promises. The promises are rarely realized, and the unintended consequences are never anticipated. [...]
My response? Saul Alinsky and Hillary's thesis on Saul Alinsky which I have read many times. I would like to read Obama's but he has his college records nicely tucked away because he is a coward.

Public Perception Worked For Communism Too via JR Dieckmann:
During the Soviet Empire, communists employed the tactics of public perception to control the thinking of the Russian people with propaganda distributed through their government-owned media. Many Russian citizens believed life was good under communism, and everything was just dandy in Russia right up to the total collapse of the Russian economy and the downfall of the Soviet Union. Some Russians, fooled by their media, are still wondering what happened to their glorious empire.

The media here in America aren’t owned by the government, but they might as well be owned by the Democrat party when 90% of newspaper and broadcast media are liberal supporters of what ever Bozo the Democrats run for president. With their vast resources, the only information they were willing to distribute on Barack Obama was kept in a small box, and nothing outside of that box was ever discussed in any mainstream media outlet. To see what was in that box CLICK HERE for the brief Obama bio that covers everything the media was willing to tell about the candidate. [...]
No comment other than to say that Obama is a coward, a liar and a Marxist. Other than that, he is a nice guy...snicker snicker snort snort. He is given credit for stock rallies and but not stock plunges...just like a good Marxist bastard would do. Simply amazing but we can't say anything about that double standard. Watch. Next he will support and praise the Libertarian National Socialist Green Party. We live in Upside Down World. He just might think that working for the KGB was an honorable thing to do and a great organization to work for.

Time to clone McCarthy people.