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Friday, December 12, 2008

If The Auto Industry Bail Out Bill Is "Illegal"


One thing is woefully clear about the auto industry bail out bill and that one thing is this...it is in fact unconstitutional. I have read the Constitution all the way through yet again and I cannot find a chapter or verse where the Federal Government has the "awesome" responsibility and Constitutional basis in bailing out piss-poor business decisions and piss-poor business management. Nor can I find a Constitutional chapter or verse where the Federal Government has the "awesome" responsibility and Constitutional basis to lend comfort and aid to the labor unions that have created the current situation. The tell-tale circumstance is the unions has "suspended" the retarded job banks.

The same goes for the financial markets "bail out". I haven't found a Constitutional chapter and verse for that either. This is incredible.

So, the Lower House passed the auto bail-out bill and the Senate killed it. I question the motives of all involved in the House passing it and the Senate killing it. If there are any honest politicians in DC, they sure are hiding from the publics' eye.

Note: Doug Ross has the list of 10 cars that killed the US auto industry.

I wonder how laong it will take for the libtards to start whining how the Republicans want to kill the unions before they agree to bail out the auto industry. Oh. Wait. That didn't take long at all. It doesn't matter to the basic libtard that the labor unions, soap operas and Leftinistra sociopaths are directly responsible for the demise of America. The sooner labor unions are reduced to a fraction of their waning shadow the better off this nation will be. $76 per hour to input data into a computer? Please. Get a life. Job banks? Getting upwards to 90% of your pay while NOT working, waiting for a job "to materialize"? Please. Drop dead. No wonder our vehicles suck and they cost so much.

So, the Senate kills the deal NOT because it is unconstitutional or "illegal" - they killed it because unions said no. Screw the unions and screw the idiots that made bad business decisions. And screw the people that thunk they are worth $76 per hour to type data into a data bank or whatever else they do for $76 per hour.

Since CONgress has turned down the auto dweebs and their rip-off unions, President Bush has decided to do it without CONgress which means either an Executive Order or to take the other unconstitutional bail out money for TARP (instead of placing the Democrats that screwed that whole thing up in jail we are bailing them out) and give it to a different set of crooks. Good Gog Almighty. The Foundry says this action would be illegal but that hasn't stopped anyone before. After all, the idiots in DC seem to think that we don't know anything and that we are not watching them raping us without at least the common courtesy of a reach-around. NOTE: Check Yid's Vid.

What we REALLY need is a Car Czar. Is this what America is coming to? Rule by a countless number of Czars? Perhaps we can have some Tsars while we are at it and make it a well rounded communist Nation.

SWAMP the WHITE HOUSE with calls people: 202.456.1414.

Obama was disappointed that more Americanized socialism was thwarted.

If there is a Constitutional basis for bailing everyone out, I would deeply appreciate a well placed hint.

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