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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Yes We Can...and Should


Yesterday's abortion of Justice by SCOTUS was The Last Straw for me. The other elements are the retards that have swallowed the gism of Snopes, have purposefully exchanged the Truth for a Lie. Until Czarbama produces his vault birth certificate and proves his natural born status, this DAVFW officially will not recognize his "presidential" authority. He has spent close to $1,000,000 having contracted 3 law firms to fight the production of his birth certificate.

Many conservative bloggers, in fear of a fight, have lost any credibility with me in future endeavors. I have unsubscribed from their blogs and web sites and I am no longer interested in what they have to say about anything, no matter the issue. I now question their motives. They are self-absorbed whiners that are looking about for their Fairness Doctrine woes to befall them. And when it comes, no matter how many cum-shots they drink to not get caught in that wave, I will laugh profusely and will offer no help. They have made their bed. Let them lay and get left behind. We don't need any of their dead weight to slow us down.

Now that I have that of of my chest, let us MoveOn.

The South Will Rise Again...we lost the last war but will not the next. Secede NOW!

Why? Because we can. That's why.

Especially in Texas. I have heard the usual detractors saying that Texas doesn't "reserve the right" to secede. Whereas that may be true, the detractors obviously have missed the obvious which accounts for their obliviousness to the following:

An oversimplification I know but there you have it. I have often written of this topic but I am dead serious now. And so are these folks...the Republic of Texas.

Divorce The North! Especially the IDIOTS in the North East, particularly the frauds in DC and surrounding areas.

I voted for GWB because Al Gore and John F'n Kerry were more unacceptable and I played the "settle-for" game and I voted for Sarah Palin because I wasn't voting for the Marxist illegal alien Nobama or the socialist McCain. The settle-for game stopped on 11/5/08.

Always remember this because I told you so in advance:
‘Democracy’ The word can be heard daily—repeated by government officials, Democrats, Republicans, liberals, conservatives, the media, academia, and our patriotic neighbors. Popular wisdom seems to dictate that whatever may be good about America has something to do with ‘democracy’ — right?

But if democracy is really what makes America great, why did the Founders establish the United States as a constitutional republic and not a ‘democracy’? (It’s curious that ‘public’ (i.e., government) education has all but phased out such facts from what’s left of ‘civics’ and ‘government’ studies.) [...]
Remember the American Civics questionnaire a few weeks back and how MISERABLE our political leaders did and the fools in Academia? So, from now on, when an idiot openly states that were founded as a Democracy, I will call them on their crap and make them eat it.

Also, remember this: Texas adheres to the US Constitution and not the President or to Congress. It matters and that is why in our State Constitution was written the way that it was and still is.