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Monday, December 8, 2008

The Once Great Horowitz Contracts ODS


It's a pity, actually. Who would have thought that the United States Constitution would be supplanted by Snopes? Holy Bat Farts! He has a piece up today entitled, "Horowitz: Obama Derangement Syndrome". No wonder the NRO is tanking.
The continuing efforts of a fringe group of conservatives to deny Obama his victory and to lay the basis for the claim that he is not a legitimate president is embarrassing and destructive. The fact that these efforts are being led by Alan Keyes, a demagogue who lost a Senate election to the then-unknown Obama by 42 points, should be a warning in itself. [...]
Let's rewrite this with some Truth and accuracy. I know that isn't politically correct for those suffering from Obama Derangement Syndrome but at least, "mister" Horowitz, give it a try.

REWRITE: The continuing efforts from the alleged "conservative elitists" to deny the average US citizen to petition the government - constitutionally - for a redress of grievances is unacceptable, embarrassing and destructive. The fact that 64 million people voted for Obama because they were duped by the Lame Stream Media and the average Obama voter was found to be lacking in knowledge as to why and what policies were his as opposed to McCain's should be a warning in itself.

That is more accurate. I like what Pamela Geller said earlier:
Despite all efforts by big media, big blogs, Democrafascists, and Republican cowards to ignore or worse quash the story, the folks just want to know. [...]

Big media continues to ignore this important story as does much of the big right of center blogs. And when the big blogs deign to mention it, they scold us for respecting rule of law. Who died and made them king? They are becoming indistinguishable from the dying dinosaur media.It's irrelevant if they like the story.

Call me old fashioned, but no one is above the law. It seems a small detail, American citizenship, but why can't we see the vault copy, Obama's COLB is still a horrible forgery? And why shouldn't Donofrio's case be heard.If it is so ridiculous why has Obama hired three law firms (not lawyers, firms) [...]
Obama can lay this to rest by presenting his birth certificate plain and simple. I find it oddly weird that Conservatives will take a Snopes report to set aside the Constitutional issue of Article II, Section 1, Clause 5. Snopes. Good grief. What saps.

I ESPECIALLY like it - sarcasm over flowing here - when Conservatives say, and I paraphrase, "I have checked the Snopes report and I have determined that it is real and factual, therefore, I, God of Blogdom, will say the hell with the Constitution just like all the other blogs that I want to be one day."



Bill Richardson stated that Barack was an immigrant. What does he know that the LSM doesn't - or does but won't tell - or the alleged conservative bloggers don't know?

However, that isn't the real issue. This is the real issue:
[...] The interesting thing about Donofrio's case, and what distinguishes it from other cases regarding Obama's birthplace, is that it makes no claim that Obama was born on foreign soil. Instead, it challenges Obama's eligibility on the grounds that Obama was a British citizen at birth, because of citizenship in a British colony, Kenya.

On his blog, Donofrio writes "Don't be distracted by the birth certificate and Indonesia issues. They are irrelevant to Senator Obama's ineligibility to be president. Since Barack Obama's father was a citizen of Kenya and therefore subject to the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom at the time of Senator Obama's birth, then Senator Obama was a British citizen 'at birth.'" [...]
Now, be that as it may - it is what the suit so stipulates - all I want is for Barack to stop spending the $800K+ to NOT produce the proof he is natural born and to spend the $10 to get a vault copy and put this issue to bed.

What is he hiding and why? Period. The end. If he is natural born and eligible, fine. There is PLENTY to fight the Marxist over...like his Selective Service Registration fraud. That is a felony and should be prosecuted. Obama the Marxist Felon. Amazing.