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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Ain't Over Until Congress Wins

Illegal Immigration Issue Not Quite Dead…Yet

Illegal Immigration Issue Not Quite Dead…Yet

Friday, June 08, 2007 11:50 PM


The mother of all political miscalculations by the U.S. Senate — the latest amnesty-for-illegal-aliens bill — is a train still creaking dangerously along its broken and discredited tracks.

With the exception of Senators never at risk of losing their seats (Ted Kennedy, most prominently), most who vote for the bill are going to be in for some rough times, sooner or later, regardless of party.

In the most recent Rasmussen Reports poll regarding the bill, released on June 6, only 23 percent of voters support the bill. Fifty percent are opposed.

The numbers and the emotionalism against the bill, the absolute certainty that it, if enacted, will be one of the most notorious legislative debacles in history, would scare us to death. But win or lose, we’re confident of being on the right side of the argument. And yes, Mr. President, we also believe that opposing this bill is the right thing for our country.

Will “they” listen? Will they heed the call of the MAJORITY “they” so often claim “they” have the pulse thereof?

CNS News

“Obstruction!” fumed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid after lawmakers from both parties voted against ending debate on the controversial immigration reform bill.

On Thursday night, 50 senators (38 Republicans, 11 Democrats, 1 Independent) voted against a motion to cut off debate on the bill and bring it to a vote. Forty-five senators (37 Democrats, 7 Republicans, 1 Independent) voted to break the filibuster, the Washington Post reported. (Sixty votes are needed to end debate.)

“I am deeply disappointed that so many of our Republican colleagues have blocked tough, fair and practical immigration reform,” Reid said in a statement. He accused Republicans of talking about the importance of immigration reform — then “irresponsibly” turning their backs on border security “and the 12 million people who are living in the shadows of our society.”

Reid also found another opportunity to slam the Bush administration, which supported the bill: “The White House has had six months to work with Senate Republicans toward a solution, yet it failed to show the necessary leadership to get this bill passed,” Reid said.

Simply amazing. There he is in all his stupidity hanging out, whining that those opposed to this bill WERE HEEDING the wishes, desires and DEMANDS of their constituencies and WE were the MAJORITY. Sorry, blow-hard reid…you are wrong AGAIN! Moron.

Reid said Senate Democrats gave Republicans “ample time” to amend the bill. “We have gone out of our way to make this process fair and equitable, moving through more than 40 amendments — including 20 yesterday alone,” he said.

HEY! STUPID! The amount of amendments SHOULD be your clue that the whole bill was flawed from the get go and was NOT wanted by the MAJORITY of Americans. Goober.

NY Sun

France set tough new quotas for the number of illegal immigrants authorities should arrest and expel each month, the new immigration minister said yesterday. Brice Hortefeux, who heads the newly created Ministry of Immigration, Integration, National Identity, and Co-Development, said a monthly quota also would be set for ferreting out those employed in France illegally.

In a meeting with security officials, Mr. Hortefeux reiterated President Sarkozy’s goal of 25,000 expulsions by the end of 2007 — compared with 24,000 in 2006 — and set a year-end goal of 125,000 arrests for alleged illegal entry or illegal residence, a ministry statement said.

Well now. I NEVER would have though that I woujlod agree with the Nation of France ever agin in what remaining years I have on God’s Green Earth. Now that France has CONSERVATIVE and NON-SOCIALIST leadership, things are about to change.

I was listening to O-Reilly and Geraldo go at it this evening and BOTH of them are wrong but Geraldo is MORE wrong than O’Reilly. Geraldo is stuck on retarded and O’Reilly, well, he is just O’Reilly. We CAN deport the illegals AS WE FIND them and find them we will. The ones “running away” from an INS van or ANY cop is more than likely one of the illegal aliens…hello?

As we find them, arrest them, and send them HOME. They are NOT US Citizens so the US Constitution does NOT apply. Cart them all back across whatever border they crossed, from where ever they hail from. Dump them and get rid of them.

Close the doors of ALL businesses that hire the ILLEGAL aliens and throw the owners in jail.