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Saturday, July 7, 2007


One Amendment In Exchange for Amnesty

At this time, I do not have the authorization from the originating author to post his article here,so I naturally WILL NOT post it nor editorialize on it. With that said, it IS a MUST read.

At first, I was flustered with laughter. I was then angry…not at the author…but at our CONgress Critters and in THIS case, GWB. After the various emotional swings I experienced, I came to the conclusion that JB Williams has something.

Go read it and you will see what I mean. I first read it at Spree’s blog.


Permission(s) received from the owner of the article!

Dear [Snooper]

Thank you for the kind support! I write for the single purpose of attempting to make a difference. I am pleased to grant authorization for use of my work in any way that will help spread the word my friend.

Thanks for your efforts to make a difference as well. Townhall has seemed to ignore my writing for years and I have no idea why. I have very good coverage otherwise, here and abroad, and a growing reach and influence.

As I did with Spree, I will add you to my web publisher list so that you receive new columns as they are released. Post what you like. The added coverage is much appreciated.

Most of all, thanks for being the kind of American that raised a son who is now a member of the elite 101st. May God Bless your family and keep you all safe.


JB Williams

Give me one Amendment & I’ll agree to a One-Time Amnesty, Written by JB Williams

If you like bi-partisan compromise and “progress” in the form of more legislation, you’re going to love this…

Since pretty much every member of congress seems convinced that simple enforcement of the existing immigration laws (that they passed) won’t work, and that rights for illegal aliens is a higher priority than the rights of legal law abiding Americans, some form of amnesty is bound to pass sooner or later.

Despite Washington’s marathon effort to screw the American citizen, the Wall Street Journal reports, “By a vote of 33-63, the Senate fell far short of the 60 votes that would have been needed to limit debate on the immigration measure and put it on a path to passage. Republicans — even those who helped craft the measure and are expected to support it — banded together to oppose that move, while a majority of Democrats backed it.”

But they will be back, we know this… So we need to cut a deal while we still can.

I propose a single simple amendment to the amnesty bill that might make amnesty acceptable for most Americans, members of congress not included most likely.

A case can be made that a need for “comprehensive reform” exists, regarding both illegal and legal immigration. It’s also true that “pure” amnesty is not on the table, although the current bill is more about amnesty than enforcement.

This problem can be solved in one quick step, with one simple amendment.


· Amnesty is a One-Time offer for people already here, not to include any family or friends not here at the time of passage. It does not apply to anyone with a criminal history, specifically, those already making up about 20% of our U.S. prison population. Criminals must return to their homeland. MS13 or any other gang members need not apply.

· An application for amnesty must be filed with the INS within 90 days of the bill passing. Not coming forward and filing within the period allowed will be an automatic felony. No court time needed. You’re here and you didn’t file, so you’re guilty.

· Anyone picked up after that date, even for jay-walking, will be immediately deported on the basis of that felony, no questions asked, no excuses accepted.

· The borders are closed instantly. Rather than “redeploying” troops from Iraq to Okinawa, “redeploy” them to our southern border. If we won’t allow our troops to secure Iraq, maybe we’ll allow them to secure America. John Murtha and I can finally agree on something. It will save us the cost of a fence too.

· NO immigrant who arrived or arrives here “illegally” and received or receives any form of “amnesty” can EVER attain voting rights or social economic assistance of any kind, including free medical care. They will have all other civil protections once approved for citizenship. But they will NEVER vote. If you want to have a say in the running of this country, the very least you could do is come here LEGALLY, demonstrating some form of respect for our laws.

· Tax-paying immigrants can send their children to public school so long as they assimilate into the American culture, including our language, and abide by all laws.

· From this moment forward, any member of congress that utters even a single word about reversing any of these conditions, adding more to the amnesty rolls in the future or fails to fully support and fund whatever it takes to secure our borders, immediately forfeits his/her seat in congress, to be replaced immediately by the highest ranking member of their state legislature, from the opposite party.

· Fine any politician who promises free stuff to illegal aliens and every institution that provides illegal aliens with free services at tax-payer expense. Apply the three strike rule. If they are caught doing it and fined three times, they are out of business or out of congress for good.

Most Americans understand that Washington DC is fully responsible for the fact that we already have 12 – 20 million unknown illegal aliens living here and they rightly have NO faith in Washington DC to do anything to fix it.

Any politician foolish enough to think a single American trusts them to fix anything is too foolish to even hold office at this point. But since they do, they shouldn’t be trusted with sharp objects or tough decisions. That goes for most of the current presidential candidates…

If we must have “comprehensive reform”, then let’s cut a deal we can live with. Let’s remove any and all government inducements for both illegal aliens and their congress members seeking new voters.

Congress can not be allowed to ignore American voters in pursuit of new voters that they think they can control easier. That’s what this is all about… Both political parties are wrangling for new immigrant voters, since Americans are just too hard to control or even predict.

The LaRaza voting bloc is in play.

Congress wants to buy the LaRaza vote with free medical care, free schooling, and social assistance for folks here illegally, falsely claiming that illegal immigration is a fundamental American foundation. Horse pucky!

Politicians want to fine corporations for giving illegal aliens honest work. But they don’t want to fine themselves for inducing new potential voters across the border with free gifts from the tax-payers treasury. How insane!

Attach any amendment that blocks the LaRaza bloc from ever voting and watch how fast any form of amnesty loses favor in Washington DC…

What a bunch of scum we have in Washington today. It’s time for comprehensive Washington DC reform, not illegal alien reform!

Can I get a HOOAH?