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Saturday, July 7, 2007

CNN...The Idiots In The News Room

The Leftists C.N.N. STILL Doesn’t Get It

Go figure. The Communist News Network has a propensity to prove itself inept in every possible and conceivable manner. Roughly 12 hours ago, some meat whistle in the CNN Election Center 2008 wrote a piece and is being touted as self-intellectual. The article has the usual “see we told you so” bullshit overtones. It has some good points within the article due to the fact that it quoted true conservatives.

This particular entry, the very last one, I call questionable. Knowing how The Captain’s Quarters is and knowing what it represents, I highly doubt the inference CNN emotes is true to form of the Captain’s Quarters.

Said Morrissey: “I think that they are going to continue to support him on the war on terror. As for the rest of it, they are looking for ways to reshape the party agenda going into the next election. That’s a nice way of saying they are going to consider him irrelevant.”

No, we don’t consider GWB a lame duck. We ARE disappointed in the Amnesty For Illegal Aliens Campaign he so adamantly espouses. We ARE disgruntled that the southern borders are not secure. We ARE angry that the Border Patrol, when performing their duties, go to jail for performing those duties.

The article I am ripping into here is entitled “Conservative bloggers in full revolt over immigration”. Now…see what I mean about the bullshit overtones? How wrong can CNN be on a constant basis? That which we are in “full revolt” over is the AMNESTY for ILLEGAL immigrants. CNN - get it right. You are acting like the incompetent Senator Reid.

Different conservative blogs have different pet issues — government transparency, federal judges, Fred Thompson, to name a few.

But no issue in recent memory has united conservative bloggers like the debate over immigration. Their frustration has culminated in a full-scale revolt against the Bush administration and a Senate bill that activists say does little to solve the country’s border security problems.

Again…it is ILLEGAL immigration. And yes, we all have our pet issues and one of mine is the Leftinistra Communist News Network that couldn’t get a story straight if a Jihadist was cutting their heads off.

President Bush’s pledge to support $4.4 billion in additional border security funds has breathed new life into the bill, but the drumbeat against the legislation shows no signs of quieting. (Watch how senators revived the immigration bill Video)

And where in the hell is this money coming from? Why, it will be collected from all those ILLEGAL aliens coming forward and “paying their fines”. WTF? LSD. Has to be. Somebody slipped LSD into the beverage dispensers in the White House and in the Halls of CONgress. That is the only viable explanation I can come up with. My friend Boaz has a different explanation and he may be correct…something about bugs.

It’s increasingly clear from Web postings and interviews with top conservative bloggers that the immigration bill has done serious damage to the president’s credibility among the conservative netroots, the grassroots bloggers on the Web.

Erick Erickson, managing editor of the popular conservative blog RedState.comexternal link, says he receives between 800 and 900 e-mails a day from readers, most of whom are “enraged” by the White House’s immigration efforts.

“Of all the issues the president has picked to make his hill to die on, he has picked the one that has divided his base,” said Erickson, who lives in Macon, Georgia. “I am shocked by the anger and outrage out there … You’ve got war against the president within the Republican party.”

When details of an immigration compromise were announced this spring, conservative bloggers were immediately incensed. Michelle Malkinexternal link labeled it “a White House betrayal.”

Another popular blogger, Hugh Hewittexternal link, called the bill a “fiasco” and wrote: “this push for this bill is a disaster, Mr. President.”

OK. CNN gets a pass on that part. I beg to differ on a particular connotation but it is so minuscule it isn’t worth the effort.

Conservative bloggers make various arguments against the bill. Some say the bill grants amnesty to illegal immigrants who have already broken the law. Others say normalizing millions of new workers would depress wages and harm American workers.

Most conservative bloggers see border enforcement as the priority, an issue they say the president can enforce on his own without having to push a bill through Congress.

According to several top conservative bloggers, Bush simply has a credibility problem when it comes to border security.

OK. Here is where we part company with CNN. What is “The Why”? Glad you asked. It has something to do with American-Mexican relations and the United States having to ask Mexico if it is OK to protect our southern border. WTF is that all about? Who gives a rat’s ass what Mexico thinks? How do they address their illegal immigration problems? Morons. It also has something to do with the Compassionate Conservative part of GWB but no one has been able to tell me just what in the hell one of those is.

“The administration has not done anything to fix the border or the visa program,” said Ed Morrissey, the Minnesota-based founder of the blog Captain’s Quartersexternal link. “It’s a huge gap in national security. It’s been six years past 9/11 and the administration has done nothing to fix either one.”

Many bloggers said they are disappointed the president has pushed so hard for the immigration bill while letting the war and other issues conservatives care about fall by the wayside.

“The White House will go out and zealously promote Harriet Miers [the former White House counsel who Bush unsuccessfully nominated for the Supreme Court], defend [Attorney General] Alberto Gonzales, promote this bill, but will not take a firm stand on the war,” said Erickson. “I know people who are boiling with rage that the president has been beating up his own side over this bill but won’t take the bully pulpit to beat up Democrats over the war.”

BINGO. But the “BINGO” has been missed by CNN, as usual. CNN has “beat up” GWB about the GWOT and so have the Democrats. GWB had some makings of a “beat up the Democrats” over their bullshit about stabbing our troops in the back but it dwindled away. GWB should be now like he was right after 911, standing on that pile of rubble with the bullhorn in his hands. THAT is the GWB I voted for and NOT the illegal immigrant amnesty program.

Bush did little to help his relationship with bloggers on May 29, when he told a crowd in Glynco, Georgia, that critics of the immigration bill “don’t want to do what’s right for America.”

Kathryn Jean Lopez at the National Review asked, “Is the White House just not paying attention?”

The blog Ace of Spades HQexternal link called Bush “incompetent” and “embarrassingly dimwitted” and urged him to retire.

LOL! I remember that! Anger will do that to folks. LOL!! I was “Rather” incensed as well and so stated that it was proof positive that the lifers in DC no longer represent “We The People”. They represent “We The Special Interest Groups” or “We The Anybody But We The People” groups. I still feel that way. Reviving the AMNESTY bill is more proof of that. The Democrats DESPERATELY want citizenship fir the ILLEGAL immigrants for the voter pool.

That guilt-trip tactic of GWB didn’t work. I have a message for GWB. If and when Harry Reid gives YOU kudos for this bill, it is time to step back and ponder that.

Blogs and anti-immigration organizations used the Web to tap into the growing discontent over the immigration bill, using the Internet to organize phone and fax campaigns to urge senators to vote against the bill. It was a plugged-in show of force that would have been beyond comprehension a decade ago.

“The support for this issue has always been there, but the Internet is the platform the issue has needed to become a force in American politics,” said David All, a Republican online strategist based in Washington.


When the bill was stymied by a procedural vote on June 7, the blogs claimed victory. A straw poll of conservative bloggers conducted by the Web site Right Wing News showed that 96 percent of bloggers surveyed were “pleased that the Senate immigration bill did not pass.”

Now that the bill is back for a second round in the Senate, Bush could have a difficult time making new friends online beyond a relative handful of the bill’s supporters.

“It will be very difficult for him to recover with conservative bloggers,” said Robert Bluey, director of the Center for Media & Public Policy at the Heritage Foundation. “When Bush is on to his next issue, I’m not sure if bloggers are going to be there to back him up.”

Which begs the question — is Bush a lame duck among bloggers?

On ILLEGAL immigration? You betcha! On the GWOT…we are behind that one.