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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Idiocy and The DNC Moonbat Syndrome

Refutation of Idiocy

For the last few days, as I have migrated from Townhall to WordPress, there has been what we call troll trouncing taking place at my other blog, Take Our Country Back. The threads involved are here, here and here. Click on the comments and browse around.

In a nutshell, the below is a post by a fellow blogger that has been there and done that in the area of studying the Islamic Menace the world faces today. What he has done, is taken some of the trolls’ wrong-headed and uneducated comments and broken them down into a coherent means of which to rebuff the trolls and others that have little knowledge.

In the series we have been running, Studies In Islam (Jihadism), much study and work has taken place and documented. Islam is by NO means, a peaceful “religion”. A few “radicals” have NOT hijacked the “religion” of Islam.

Refutation of Idiocy

Tuesday, June 12, 2007 5:40 AM

The Myth vs Fact series has drawn blood from Barack in ‘08 . In order to deal adequately with several points raised in the comments, I reproduced them here in a block quote, inserting superscripts at the end of each significant point. My responses are in an ordered list, keyed to the superscripts.

Keep it real…. Should we shut down mosques across the country and deport all non-citizen Muslims here in America?1 What about internment camps for Muslims here in America2 until the end of the so-called “war on terror”? Is this “war on terror” a war against the terrorists that want to harm us or a war against Islam itself?3 […]

You call the Islam “peaceful” slogan a “myth”4. How will that kind of talk win hearts and minds5 of “peaceful” 6Muslims in that region that may want to help us?7 […]

If terrorist are using the name of Islam, Christianity, Budhism etc etc, it doesn’t mean that Islam, Christianity, Budhism etc etc promotes terrorists.8 […]

Muslims (approx 1 billion) in general don’t preach hate and death to America. If one does do that, he/she must be doing that for his own interests.9 […]

  1. Barack has jumped ahead, assuming a conclusion which does not automatically flow from the fact presented. The fact: Islam is not peaceful, does not imply Barack’s reductio ad absurdum. In reality, Islam’s founder declared perpetual war & open season on all Kuffar. Pursuant to declaration of war contained in At-Taubah 29, Usama bin Ladin and others have carried out attacks on our soil and declared an intent to carry out further attacks. Al-Qaeda is simply “the base”, another name for the Ummah al-Islamiyya: the Nation of Islam. The bottom line is this: Islam has declared and is prosecuting a genocidal war against us. Islam does not give up. Islam does not quit. When it loses a battle, Islam regroups, rearms and resumes fighting. Islam does not fight by sword alone, but by heart, tongue and pen; it also fights demographically, by reproducing like rats. There is an Islamic fifth column on our soil, segments of which have been detected plotting to perpetrate mass casualty attacks. They don’t advertise; they do not wear uniforms. They are identified only when they attack or when they blunder. Should we wait impatiently for the next beltway sniping, mall shooting or vehicular homicide? Should we wait until a school bus is seized or a school taken over? Is there some reason why we should give Islam a lever, fulcrum and place to stand?

  2. Given two alternatives: deportation and internment camps, the choice is obvious, on humanitarian grounds as well as cost and security. deportation is the best choice.

  3. Terror is a tactic, not an enemy. Terror neither declared nor prosecuted war against us; Islam did. The war is one of Islam against us. Every Muslim wants to harm us. Every Muslim wants Dar Ul-Harb reduced to nothing; entirely supplanted by Dar Ul-Islam. Muslims are those who submit to Allah’s will; who believe in Allah, obey his commands and emulate his Apostle. In pt.1 I gave you links to Muhammad’s Sunnah as well as what Allah commanded. Read the definition of believers given in 33:23. Read of the relationship between Allah and the believers in 9:111. None but a damn fool or a traitor can read those verses without cursing Islam!

  4. Islam is neither a religion nor peaceful. Those are facts, not assertions. Islam’s purpose is Muhammad’s enrichment and empowerment through the profession of piracy and extortion. Those facts are proven in the Know Thine Enemy series.

  5. “Winning the hearts and minds” of Muslims is the mindless babble of an AssIdiot! Muslims are Allah’s slaves; essentially zombies. Follow the link to 9:111 and read it carefully. Allah has purchased of the believers their lives… so that they kill others and are killed. They believe that only Allah has the right to rule; the right to be worshiped. Rebellion against Allah is, to them, the worst offense: an injustice to be punished by death in this world and fire in the next.

  6. If they are peaceful, they are hypocrites or apostates, not Muslims. Islam is not peaceful, it is violent, terrorist & genocidal.

  7. No Muslims want to help us. If they want to help us, they are hypocrites or apostates, Muslim in name only.

  8. Islam sanctifies terrorism. I refer you to its accursed canon of scripture: 3:151, 8:12, 33:26-27, 59:2, Bukhari1.7.331 and Bukhari4.52.220. All of those citations were quoted in the Know Thine Enemy series. You should read it!! That is original text, not hijacking, perversion nor distortion. Islam is piracy!!! Terrorism is an Islamic sacrament!!! Click the links; read the proof, the ample testimony of Allah and his Apostle.

  9. Preaching hatred of all Kuffar was in Muhammad’s interest: to persuade Muslims that their eternal destiny; admission to the celestial bordello and avoidance of Hellfire is dependent on killing and subjugating us so that our property would accrue to Muhammad. That is exactly what the Qur’an is all about. Any Imam who preaches what Allah commanded and Muhammad exemplified in his Sunnah preaches hatred, piracy, rape, pillage, plunder, terror and genocide. That’s what Islam is; what Muslims do in obedience to Allan; in emulation of Muhammad.

The hyperlinks in this article give you access to the entire Qur’an, as translated by Yusuf Ali, Shakir & Pickthall, and to Sahih Bukhari as translated by Kahn. From there, you can easily access three other collections of hadith. Read them and curse Islam!!! Don’t take my word for it. Don’t take anyone’s word for it! Follow those links and the other links contained in the Know Thine Enemy series. Read and learn. Then share your knowledge with others as I am doing.

We wait in baited breath for the coherent replies which may never come. The author of the above post will be joining us here at WordPress in the days coming. Please stand by for an education in Islam.

There is one other well-versed that will be joining us.

There is one other, one of the legal-mind persuasion which will be authoring here as well.

They will introduce themselves as they arrive and carry the torch towards VICTORY.