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Friday, July 27, 2007

Conservative Tsunami Is Rising...Ride The Wave

I received this via e-mail from GOP USA.

Dear Republican,

The eight most recent public polls show
the President's job approval is rising while approval of Congress is plummeting. The four polls that measured job approval for both the President and Congress show the President's ratings are higher. Surveys show Americans give high marks to the economy and that the GOP is regaining its lead on taxes while voters reject Congressional Democrats on earmarks and pork.

Polls show that on Iraq, voters reject Democrats'
calls for immediate withdrawal, clearly recognize the consequences of defeat, and are waiting for General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker to report in September.

As voters see signs that the surge is working in
Baghdad and Anbar, optimism is increasing with more people believing the war was the right thing to do and that the war is going better. The more people see the clear differences between the policies of Republicans and Democrats, the stronger our position.

On Iraq,
Republicans want decisions made on recommendations of our military commanders based on conditions on the ground. Democrats seem to pay more attention to the strategic judgments of MoveOn.Org, Cindy Sheehan and Michael Moore than they do our military commanders in battle.

Republicans have offered a plan to balance the budget by
freezing growth in discretionary domestic spending to less than 1% and with no tax increases, resulting in a surplus by 2012. Democrats want $205 billion more in spending over the next five years and the largest tax increase in history.

Republicans are working hard to confirm judges
who will uphold the Constitution by strictly interpreting the law. Democrats have fallen into their old pattern of obstruction, delay and opposition to the highly qualified conservative judicial candidate the President has nominated.

Republicans are working to make certain the
nearly 700,000 poor children not covered by the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) get health care coverage, supporting a 20% in funding for SCHIP. Democrats want a 140% increase in spending to move children and families with private health insurance onto government-run health care and would shift the focus from poor children to adults with incomes of up to $83,000 a year. Having failed to have the Federal government take over the health care system all at once, Democrats are now holding approval of SCHIP hostage so they can begin having Washington take control of your health care one big chunk at a time.

August represents an excellent opportunity to continue highlighting these differences and to build on our momentum as Americans come to understand the big differences between the parties in policies that affect our lives and the failure of the Reid-Pelosi led Congress.

Sincerely,Robert M. "Mike" Duncan
Chairman, Republican National

EDITOR'S NOTES: This is yet more empirical evidence that the
anti-moonbat backlash is well underway. Americans listened to the Democrat pleas for a "new direction" but have seen nothing but the same mindless caterwauling and corruption that drove the demon-rats from power in 1994. Today's Pelosi/ Reid congress gets worse numbers than both the 2006 Republicans and the 1994 Democrats who were driven into the Electoral outer darkness.

The liberal tactic of attack, attack, attack
has failed, not only on the national level but on many other levels too. Included among them is our humble blog.

Less 3 months ago, our
blog lost tremendous momentum because we had to move back to our own server. Our drooling, pathological enemies were crowing that they had shut us down.

Now, they must look on in horror as we are closing the
books on the best week and best month in our history. A week and month that featured not only the best day we ever had, but 3 of the top 4. Further, Our blog talk radio show has a bevy of high profile commitments that will simply knock your socks off. Far from being down from the count, we are stronger than ever and crushing our enemies beneath our chariot wheels.

Bragging?Not at all. It's not about us, it's
about you, our fans and subscribers. Oh, don't get me wrong, we are ecstatic about the growth, but YOU made it happen. YOU have the power. Don't ever forget that. YOU showed up in 27 States to support our troops at the largest pro-troops rally in American history. Though, my past disagreements with some members of that organization are well known, it does not change the fact. YOU made it happen.

YOU brought down
a horrid immigration bill and YOU brought pressure to bear that lead to the clemency showed Scooter Libby. YOU can help US change the course of American history by putting down these anti-war pansies and reinvigorating support for this noble, honorable mission.

Most of all,
YOU can help US show Pelosi and Reid the door and make sure her evilness Hitlery and her heir apparent Obama Bin Laden never get a sniff of the White House.

A pro-conservative Tsunami is beginning to
crest.....ride the wave.
Posted By The Thompson Gunners to A NEWT ONE at 7/27/2007 02:47:00 PM