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Monday, July 23, 2007

Islamist Forum Hosted In New Jersey

Naturally, the Leftinistra in CONgress as well as their cohorts in treasonous act after treasonous act will either ignore this recently made known data or they will applaud it; seeing that their enemies are the same...The United States of America...the FREE United States of America.

Wake Up America has brought this data to the fore previously but this particular US hosted Islamic menace threat is boasting how terrorism furthers the cause of the Jihadis.

MEMRI (the entire article with no Snooper commentary)

Webmaster of Islamist Forum Hosted by ISP in New Jersey Explains How Terrorist Attacks Advance Islamic Cause

On July 2, 2007, a participant on the Islamist forum www.al-ommh.net/vb calling himself "Al-Mustaqim" posted the following question [1]: "My brothers... I wish to hear your opinion about the London operation: [2] Did it advance our cause or [intensify] the anger against our ummah?"

The next day, the forum webmaster posted a reply in which he enumerated Britain's "crimes" and explained how the operation benefited the Muslims.

Below are excerpts from his reply: [3]

England Has Been Fighting the Muslims Since Before the Days of Our Grandfathers

"The Crusaders do not need a reason to show hostility to our Islamic nation. They have been fighting Islam... since the dawn of history. They have been fighting it since the [days of the] Crusaders' military campaign against the land of Islam. At that time, England became the [main] base of this military campaign, and in our modern era, it occupied Muslim countries such as Egypt, Palestine and others."

"England handed Palestine to the Jews on a golden platter, so they could build a terrible state exclusively for themselves. At this time, English forces besieged the mujahid Sheikh 'Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam [d. 1935]... and his followers... and he became a martyr... After the [1917] Balfour Declaration, that terrible state was established in Palestine, and the Jews ruled Palestine with the financial, moral and political support of England."

"[In 1956,] England took part in the 'tripartite aggression' against Egypt, along with France and the Jews... [England] was [also] part of the military force which attacked Bosnia, not [in order to assist] the Muslims there but in order to... prevent the establishment of an Islamic state there in the wake of the overwhelming victory of the mujahideen... [In addition,] England joined the Crusader forces which attacked Afghanistan and... Iraq... [In sum,] England has been fighting the Muslims since before the birth of our grandfathers and until today.

"The benefit of the attack on the London Underground is [that] it brought home [to the British people] that they are no longer [immune] to the [attacks] of the mujahideen. Just as they kill our people, so will they be killed; just as they kill our children, so will their children be killed; and just as they destroy our cities, so will their cities be destroyed. We have [finally] become equals... after they made us feel, [for many years,] like lambs who go to the slaughter without resisting, because they [i.e. the English] were the masters."

The Attack Harmed Their Economy

"Another benefit [of the attack] is that it was [a blow to] England's infrastructure and harmed it economically... [In addition,] the attack delivered a severe blow to the global stock market: The index lost 200 points in less than 30 minutes, which caused them great economic harm, and prompted them to spend millions in order to increase their level of [security]... Not to mention the [considerable] number of people who converted to Islam after 9/11 and the London bombings."

[1] The www.al-ommh.net forum is hosted by Interserver Inc., located in New Jersey, U.S.

[2] It is not clear whether this refers to the 2005 London Tube bombings or to the June 2007 bombing attempt in Piccadilly.

[3] http://www.al-ommh.net/vb/showthread.php?t=19229