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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Moonbats In Training...Again.

I ran across this post here, dated 7/23...you will have to scroll to find it. This particular Moonbat has that dreaded Democratomyopia disease. It whined about this post here. IT said there was a reading comprehension problem. LOL!! Back at IT. IT failed to read the disclaimer. Poor Moonbats. They ALWAYS miss the obvious!

IT has an issue with those 600,000 dead Iraqis. Naturally, IT failed to notice that this fabricated number was debunked many moons ago.

The Moonbats that frequent the place seem to think that the NYT is the propaganda arm of the Bush White House. What a CROCK! Can anyone fathom such nonsense?

Here is one example of what is in the comments section of this Moonbat Blog:
From an MIT: Perhaps I can shed a different wavelength of light on this? The NYT is part of the propaganda division of America Inc. (A/K/A the Bush White House.) Look at all the cheer leading for the war that went on there, in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq. Judy Miller's work being such a glaring, obvious, example of prevarication that she had to leave the Times and become a full-time wingnut welfare mother.
Amazing, isn't it? The Lame Stream Media is slowly catching on that they have been on the WRONG side of ALL issues and are slowly getting around to being honest and the Moonbats can't stand it.

So sad to be a troll in the Moonbat Brigades.

UPDATE: ANOTHER item to aggravate the Moonbat Brigades and to show them that they ARE indeed WRONG...AGAIN!!

Amy Proctor has this news item...

Iraq is a 'Sea of Change'