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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Not Hardly

The Pentagon Insults Hillary Clinton. Big Mistake.

Fred Kaplan has a problem...the cranial cavity has leaked and all that remains is a vacuum.

The extraordinary exchange of letters between Sen. Hillary Clinton and the undersecretary of defense for policy may turn out to be a signal event in the congressional debate over the Iraq war—and possibly in the 2008 presidential election.

The undersecretary's letter to Clinton embodies the administration's contempt for Congress, Democrats, anyone named Clinton, and—implicitly, in its tone—anyone who falls in these categories and is also a woman. It is the sort of letter that could arouse resentment among lots of senators, even Republicans—and among lots of female voters, especially those who are all too familiar with the condescension of powerful men.

No, silly "boy". Grow up. This is how it is. We, the FORMER Silent Majority are NO LONGER silent and we, no matter who we are or where we are, will NOT be "cow-towed" any longer. Period. Dot. Com. The Under Secretary's actions was the equivalent to the follwing well known voice of exasperation and frustration; "I am mad as hell and I am not going to take this anymore!" Get it?

I haven't placed the entire article here because it is not worthy. As many of us have written and preached and blogged about many times in regards to the OBVIOUS bias in the now defunct Main Stream Media, aka The Lame Stream Media, aka The LSD Press, the above article reeks of the same. Playing the gender card is disingenuous, passe and unacceptable. We aren't buying that crap anymore. Are you? Wake Up America has an excellent espose on the Lame Stream Media posted today.

Naturally, Kraplan, I mean Kaplan IGNORES the "contempt" the CONgress, the Democrats especially and several turn-coat and RINO Republicans, has for The Executive Branch and the Military.

The issue here is as follows. We VAST majority of Americans are SICK AND TIRED of the Leftinistra running amok and unchecked like they have grown accustomed to. We have sat back and merely murmured one to another "that this too shall pass." Well, now, WE are going to ENSURE that "this too shall pass" and WE ARE going to shut "them" down.

Get used to it. WE ARE WATCHING and WE OUTNUMBER the likes of Kraplan, I mean Kaplan. We don't like the "tone" of that which we have witnessed in this country, especially us old codgers. We are cranky. We are disgusted. We shall not be silenced.