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Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Dishonorable Leahy (Leaky Leahy) Wants An Investigation

I have lived over a half a century and at no time have I seen a pathetic CONgress as that which we have now, in these trying times.

Call me crass. Call me crude. Call me brass. Call me rude. I care not.

Leahy is an international embarrassment.

Never before have I witnessed a political party going after an administration such as we see now via ghosts and non-issues.

In a letter to the Inspector General, Leaky Leahy has the nerve and the audacity to continue chasing ghosts and another non-issue.

As in the case of Scooter Libby, this AG Gonzales issue is a Democratic Party and Moron Moonbat Fruit Loop Brigade led Witch Hunt. The BDS is so bad, it has clouded reason and good judgment. This is a nation at war and there are bigger fish and more pressing issues to "attack".

EVERY President has fired lawyers at their discretion and there are absolutely no "lines drawn in the sand" as to when the act transpires and I don't care what the "norm" has been thought to be. No one gave a rat's ass when Clinton did it or any other President, so what is the main malfunction in Leahy's pea-sized brain?

All this issue is, is this; a distraction maneuver to remove the public's attention away from the fact that the Democratic Party led CONgress, the Vaunted Majority that has accomplished not one single campaign promise of any substance, has proven to be an INTERNATIONAL embarrassment and have been on the wrong side of the war we are in after they had once been on the right side on the war. Flowing with the wind and changing directions in accordance with made-up and skewed polls is a massive misnomer and we in The New media have pointed this out time and time again. And, we will continue with said same.

This "demand" of an investigation by the Dishonorable Patrick "leaky" Leahy has BDS and the Whiner Syndrome all over it.

Enough "IS" enough Patty...enough is enough.

Let's win the war first and then you can have your ignorant pity parties at a later date...preferably in a rubber room.

Catch the buzz here at memeorandum and have fun reading the moonbat drivel soon to come.