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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Take Our Country Back...Arise "We The People"

I am calling for Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike to unite in a force so strong as to scare the living HELL out of our unethical CONgress Critters. For far too long, the members of the Infamous and Notorious men and women that walk The Halls of Embarrassment of "We The People" have had the constant audacity to tell us what is right and what is wrong. They have "forgotten" their place. They are there to serve "We The People" and WE tell THEM what is right and what is wrong, as a United Voice.

Where do "they" get off dictating policy? Since when does a servant dictate to anyone? Since when does earmarking dictate policies? Since when does unethical practice and "norms of the day" dictate policies?

For the uneducated and the uninitiated members of the Moonbat Fruit Loop Brigades, your time has come and your time has since passed. We see the evidence that you are all in the death throes of unbelievable catastrophes in that your side(s) have lost the battles and you will soon lose your wars here in The United States. We are watching you and you go not unnoticed.

There is nothing wrong with being a Democrat, Republican or an Independent. The politicos would have us believe that their particular party has all the answers. They are wrong. "WE THE PEOPLE" have all the answers and the theoretical representatives in the Halls of Shame (congress) have lost their way.

Unfortunately, the Democratic Party has been taken over by those that would bring Death and Destruction to the Constitution of the United States of America. Unfortunately, there are Republicans that have succumb to the same ideologies of the Democratic Party Leadership.

It is our constitutional right to "change our government" should that government become intrusive and, it has. There are members of CONgress that have determined that it is they and only they that know what is good for "We The People". Where is that in the United States Constitution? And I mean Chapter and Verse. Where is it?

I have received a sentiment in my email from Norm. And I present it here, today. Until our political leadership gets their heads removed from their hinder holes, I will donate not one single penny to their cause because their cause is Wrong For America. I suggest and ask that you all do the same. You want to send a message? This is an avenue to take.

For the Fruit Loop Brigades of the Moonbat Alliances, both on the left and Right and those in the Middle, behold...I am not a Bushite...never have been and never will be. I am a Patriot First. Prove me wrong. I dare you. Bring It On. Let's Roll.

The below is merely one example:

Have you received a donation request from the REPUBLICANS or the DEMOCRATS lately?
Print this and send it to them in their prepaid postage envelope...

Not one penny shall I give to any political party until that political party actually begins listening to We The people.

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