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Friday, August 17, 2007

Get Over Yourself, American Prospect

Another Leftinistra mutant doesn't get it, either. I find it interesting that the party members with the lowest approval ratings in the history of the United States, find it necessary to degrade and abase others in order to elevate their menial, insignificant and pathetic selves. Little do they know, when resorting to tearing someone else down to elevate oneself, the opposite takes place. It is truly peculiar that the theoretical Wise Ones of the Leftinistra have missed that in the Moonbats In Training Academies.

I haven't agreed with President Bush in all matters so that disqualifies me from being a card carrying member in good standing "Bushite". That being said, I would "Rather" be a Bushite than an ignorant puss KOSmonoff any day.

I would "Rather" be a neocon than a brain-dead socialist slut like Hillary Rodham "My Documents Are Invisible" Clinton.

I would "Rather" be a neocon than a traitorous murdering thug drunk like Kennedy that was selling America down the tubes to Gorbachev during the Reagan Presidency and still "IS" in one form or another.

I would "Rather" be a "Bushite" than a purveyor of Hate America.

I would "Rather" be a "Bushite" than a minister of Blame America First.

I would "Rather" be a "Bushite" than support the likes of Pajama Boy Loser Reid.

I would "Rather" be a "Bushite" than be a useless Toad such as the likes of Murtha.

You get the point. If you don't, all that means is that a box of turtle turds has more going for it than you do.

GWB has been wrong or at a minimum misguided on several issues. I suppose that is what happens when his Compassionate Conservative side leaks out of the foil lining.

In an earlier post entitled And The KOSmonoffs Hallucinate , I pointed out the following:
These idiots just don't get it yet but they will. Come via elections or by another American Civil War, they will get it. I, Snooper, have been saying this for years...we have not been this politically split since 1861 and we all know how that worked out, right? I can smell a repeat performance brewing on the horizon. Naturally, their side will lose again and the blood bath which ensues will be deeper. They never learn.
An additional post from earlier today entitled, Anti-War Loons Losing Ground Faster Than Anticipated , I pointed out the following:

And there we have it. More and more folks are seeing the light that we, The New Media, have been stating for seemingly FOREVER! But, it didn't agree with the BDS and the likes of the losers such as Murtha, Pelosi, Reid, Kennedy and a scad or two of other defeatist clowns. They have invested in failure for political gain and they have lost and they didn't even lose the Good Fight. They lost a losing fight because the MAJORITY of the American People knew better and we have proven it.

This also proves, in the long run, and painfully so, that Bush Was Right after all and the Right Brothers' video is very much prophetic.

And now, we have yet another defeatist Yahoo writing its inane drivel, trying all so desperately to distract from the fact of its own uselessness and futilities and despair.

The pendulum has swung, the Republican revolution is over, and every day the list of battered and retreating combatants continues to grow. This was a big week: Former House Speaker Denny Hastert and former GOP House Conference Chair Deborah Pryce announced their retirements. And, of course, "boy genius" and Friend-in-Chief Karl Rove, the general who was to consolidate all the Revolution's gains into a singular enduring triumph, cried uncle and announced that he, too, would leave the White House for the warmth of more time with his family.

And the poor slug ends its entirely pathetic and obvious hatred for GWB:

My suspicion is that as things get worse in Iraq, more and more Republicans will simply head toward the exits.

The End.

The only "end" it sees is the further plummeting into the abyss of obscurity of the Democratic Party leadership and the Fruit Loop Brigades, being dragged down, similar to being too close to a sinking ship, being sucked down with the ship for being too close, kicking and screaming in rebellion as a child would do throwing a temper tantrum.

I find it comical that The Man the Leftinistra have tried so very hard to portray as being the most ignorant, the most stupid, the most dangerous, the worse president, has beaten them at every turn, every corner and has out maneuvered them in every issue and has outsmarted the self-proclaimed saviors of the world only to fuel their BDS. They cannot accept the fact that they have not been able to beat The Man they hate and despise to such a level as they do.

They have seemed to hit a brick wall and that GWB, with all his faults and short-comings, he "IS" The Grand Strategist.

By Tony Blankley

More can be read here: The Boston Globe (three web pages…in the kerry/kennedy backyards)

It is very wordy and lengthy. Naturally, this article in the Washington Times will be discounted but the book is coming out just the same and the Leftinistra will have to eat one of their own to discredit him.

To wit: The Boston Globe — the respected, liberal newspaper owned by the New York Times — ran an article last week that Bush critics may wish to read carefully. It is a report on a new book that argues that President Bush has developed and is ably implementing only the third American grand strategy in our history.

The author of this book, “Surprise, Security, and the American Experience” (Harvard Press) to be released in March, is John Lewis Gaddis, the Robert A. Lovett professor of military and naval history at Yale University. The Boston Globe describes Mr. Gaddis as “the dean of Cold War studies and one of the nation’s most eminent diplomatic historians.” In other words, this is not some put-up job by an obscure right-wing author. This comes from the pinnacle of the liberal Ivy League academic establishment.

If you hate George W. Bush, you will hate this Boston Globe story because it makes a strong case that Mr. Bush stands in a select category with presidents Franklin Delano Roosevelt and James Monroe (as guided by his secretary of state, John Q. Adams) in implementing one of only three grand strategies of American foreign policy in our two-century history.

Get over yourself, slick. Your time has come. Your time in the sand box is done and the curtain has closed. Run along now, Terence Samuel or, "IS" that "Stewart" Smalley? The KOSmonoffs need another shoulder to cry upon and, since birds of a feather flock together, yours will do.

And here is yet ANOTHER loser moonbat...from the NYT...go figure...

More Moonbat wishful thinking at memeorandum:

David D. Kirkpatrick / New York Times:

After Loss of Majority, Several Republicans Head for Exits — A rash of retirements among House Republicans is adding to the party's electoral challenges and raising questions about a rush for the exits. — Four House Republicans — Representatives J. Dennis Hastert and Ray LaHood …
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