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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Fossilized Synapse Pathways of the Average American

It's true. The average American has the memory span the length of a mini-series on the boob-toob. It is apparent that the synapse pathways in the brains of Americans have become fossilized and no longer function as God intended.Michael Goodwin has a good reading article today in the NY Daily News.

A month from today, it will all be over. The sixth anniversary of 9/11 will have come and gone, and we can pack up our momentary sadness and guilt and put them away for another year. Then we can get back to the business of forgetting everything we were supposed to have learned.

New York City bore the brunt of the most awful day in American history, yet we seem increasingly ambivalent about the lessons and meaning of 9/11. While it's popular to say the terror attacks changed the world, which they did, the evidence is overwhelming that we have collectively decided to see the deaths of nearly 2,800 people as a really, really bad day, but one whose significance grows fuzzier with each passing year.

There were distressing signs last week that, as time dims the horror, we face two dangers: We are hardening our souls to memory, and we are woefully unprepared to deal with another attack.

Read the rest of the article if you have half a mind to.

I often wonder why this "IS". Doesn't anyone know what the meaning of "IS" is or what a "rich person" "IS" anymore?

Amybeth Hale has an analogy that can be applied here. She mentions the microwave mentality of some bloggers and this analogy can also be applied to the stinkin'-thinkin' of the Average Joe in America.

Some of you may remember the children’s book series “Frog and Toad”. In “The Garden”, Toad admires Frog’s garden and sets about to grow his own:

"What a fine garden you have, Frog," he said.
"Yes," said Frog. "It is very nice, but it was hard work."

Toad ran home. He planted the flower seeds. "Now seeds," said Toad, "start growing." Toad walked up and down a few times. The seeds did not start to grow.
Toad put his head close to the ground and said loudly, "Now seeds, start growing!" Toad looked at the ground again. The seeds did not start to grow.
Toad put is head very close to the ground and shouted, “NOW SEEDS, START GROWING!"
Frog came running up the path. "What is all this noise?" he asked.
"My seeds will not grow," said Toad.

Eventually, Toad’s garden began to grow, but not until he realized that it would take some hard work, just like Frog said.

Even though we have online banking, drive-thru windows, and instant messaging now, there are still some things in life that require hard work – and TIME – in order to see results. Growing a garden, getting in shape and losing weight, and developing meaningful relationships (both personal and professional), all take time and work.

And if you mean to make an impact on anyone through blogging, you’d best be patient because it may take awhile for your efforts to be fruitful. But don’t be discouraged; as the saying goes, “Everything comes gradually and at its appointed hour.” Success is when preparedness meets opportunity, and if you’re in the right place in the right time doing the right thing, you’ll find your own personal success.

Toad and Frog. I remember the series well.

Americans have been indoctrinated into the unrealistic world of Instant Everything. When one gets down to the brass tacks, the fate of America with this defective mentality is not a glaringly successful venture.

The GWOT isn't over yet so it must not be able to be won. With thinking like that, who needs enemies? We can defeat ourselves with one idiot.