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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Salon Takes A Stab At Truth

Clearly, this leftist rag called Salon and useless dissemination of logic is "Rather" wanting in substance, clarity and truth. It is nearly so sad as to approach a twisted humor.

This "interview" and "explanations" thereof are clearly the rantings of a child that has lost an argument with its betters.

Glenn Greenwald(o) of Salon would have "us" believe that the now considered "infamous" by the rapid-rat Leftinistra Op-Ed from two "war-critics" was total nonsense because one of the authors has stated that he really isn't a war critic. That is not even debatable. It is apparent that Salon is having an anxiety attack in that it just may be shown that they are, once again, on the wrong side of an issue, as are the Leftinistra socialist syncopates on a regular and reliable basis. If anything is bad for American Tradition Values than it must be a good thing for the Socialist Prattling Salon Leftist Rag.

The Leftist Greenwald(o), a socialist sympathizer and supporter of the socialist aspirants to the presidency of the United States, in this article(?) whines about WMDs and the usual prattling of a whining, sniveling spoiled brat.

Greenwald(o) goes on and explains that these men weren't war critics because they did not demand withdrawal of troops. HEY! MORON! I DIDN'T DEMAND THE WITHDRAWAL EITHER YET I WAS CRITICAL OF THE WAR IN REGARDS TO THE ROE ISSUE!

Where do these people hide their brain matter? Never mind. Disregard last transmission.

I suggest to Greenwald(o) to actually do ITS own homework (but trolls hate doing their own). IT can start here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here, to name a few.

This article at Salon and the plethora of others across this land is indicative of the shoe being placed on the other foot. The more they whine about VICTORY the more they prove that BUSH WAS RIGHT.

The more they subject themselves to their own stupidity and BDS, the better for America because the majority of we Americans are finding it "Rather" comical that the obscure moonbat trolls, such as those which write for the likes of Salon and similar leftist rags, each slip further and further into the ditches of obscurity and insignificance.

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