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Thursday, September 6, 2007

In Anticipation of General Petraeus...UPDATED

As I sit in my Death Chair reading article after article in the Far Left Brigades of despair via their news outlets, blogs and forums, I can hear the tiny, squeaky voices from a movie from long ago. Some of you might remember it.

It was a science fiction movie in the days of the original Outer Limits and Twilight Zone genre of films. It was called, The Fly. The original was created and aired in 1958 with a remake in 1986.

If you recall, a mad scientist was testing the genome structures of various creatures and, WOOPS! He became a fly. Folks were wondering what happened to him and the movie ends when they find him...and kill him.

This fellow was in the basement because he kept hearing a wee-tiny little voice saying, "Help me! Help me!" As he zeroed in to the sounds, he found a fly with a human head trapped in a spider web and the fly was saying, "Help me! Help me!" The fellow looked at the scene in total horror, saw the spider approaching his friend. He picked up a book, I do believe, and swatted the spider AND the Fly Man.

The credits rolled then and everyone felt sorry for the poor dead Fly Man.

This is what goes through my mind as I read and view Schumer prattling on how the military is useless and the surge isn't the cause and affect of the Tribal People fighting Al Qaida, no matter what reports are made by whom to the contrary. Note to Schumer...no matter how you spin it, we are winning due to the efforts, blood spilled and warriors wounded and KIA to bring about the change. You, "mister" Schumer are a disgusting and useless excuse of a man. You are indeed pathetic and you are hereby classified as the same class as ReidCo. In the words of Dennis Miller, "...a mediocre man's Thermopoly...". That is you, Mr Schumer; a mediocre failure.

This is what goes through my mind as I read and view Harry Reid saying that he is willing to "negotiate terms" with Republican comrades if it means that we change direction in Iraq. Note to ReidCo...there HAS been a change and we are winning so shut your ignorant pie-hole.

As I read the piece at Salon by the War Fraud Kerry, I can hear their voices in the background, "Help me! Help me!"

As I read the piece by Amato at Crooks and Liars, I can hear the wee-tiny little voices saying, "OH nooooooooooooooooooooo, Mr Bill!", as the Conservative Tsunami crests and sweeps the useless blob of flesh that it is out to sea.

As I read that twit Blumenthal at Salon, I can hear the micro-voice of panic screeching, "It's too late! We have lost! Help me! Help me!"

Yes. Success is indeed sweet revenge. Victory in Iraq is repulsive to the unAmericans and the unPatriotic. The New One World Order of the losers and the gamblers is not to be realized. And, I count my blessings.

The Democratic Party leaders have ensnared themselves in their own webs of deceit, despair, lies and political quagmires. They have invested heavily in defeat and defeatist rhetoric to appease and please their far left base which, by the way, are baseless in this Federal Republic we call the United States of America.

The verbiage we hear everyday is their way of saying, "Help! Help!"

General Petraeus is the book that will swat them and they know it.

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It seems as though there is a glitch in the not-so-carefully prepared (or not so) speechification by the moron Schumer. Check it out...as I read this, I DISTINCTLY remember that this is NOT what Schumer said...

And let me be clear: the violence in Anbar has gone down despite the surge, not because of the surge.

The lack of protection for these tribes from al Qaeda made it clear to these tribes, “We have to fight al Qaeda ourselves.”

So, deep down, he IS a Jihadi Sympathizer? The above is from his web site. Something smells like fish and there is only one thing that smells like fish and that is fish. When something waddles like a duck and sounds like a duck then, it must be a duck.

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