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Friday, September 7, 2007

Questions Which Demand Answers.

I often ask myself, as well as others, questions that have no viable answers. I come up with these questions as I read and study. I find others that ask the same questions but I can never find answers to those same questions either.

The terrorist attacks in Germany were outed by US intelligence interceptions between Germany and Pakistan. Yet, all we hear are people worried about terrorists rights. Why?

The Australian Prime Minister is hanging tough on terrorism and the American people should be grateful but some are not. Why?

Al Gore is the theoretical champion of Global Warming yet flies around in a G-IV and gets picked up in a stretch limo and the Leftinistra cannot see the Double Standard. Why?

We have millions of criminals in this country that have violated the laws of the land but are not considered to be criminals. Why?

Victor Davis Hanson writes that hubris still exists in the eye of the 91101 hurricane. Why?

The Leftinistra play football with our troops and national security for political gain at the expense of our troops and country. Why?

The Leftinistra are doing their damnedest to discredit General Petraeus, the man they UNANIMOUSLY confirmed to get the job done with the plan they KNEW about. Why?

The Leftinistra are hard set to force a defeat in Iraq and ultimately in the War on Terror. Why?

New Jersey Democrats are seemingly the most corrupt of them all yet there is no outrage from any Leftinistra to date. Why?

We hear from the ones that should know that our enemies are planning high-level attacks against the Homeland again, backed up by "chatter" and the Leftinistra play it down as a political football. Why?

The Leftinistra Double Standard has been exposed time and time again yet there are none willing to do anything about it. Why?

A former CONgress Critter goes on Hizzbollah TV and defames the country and there is no outrage. Why?

The prominent front-runner for president in the DNC is involved in scandal after scandal and there is no outrage. Why?

Syria announces that it wants to "ignite the area" and there is not a peep from the Leftinistra. Why?

The Leftinistra whine about Darfur but when the Jihadis there "warn the US" about sending troops, they fall silent. Why?

A CONgress Critter insults the United States military and there is no outrage. There is no "threats of censure or impeachment". Why?

The terrorists have had their top dogs either captured or killed, resulting in botched ops by their inept recruits and there are no accolades to those responsible. Why?

I have many, many more.