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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Untitled Terrorism...UPDATED

Northeast Intelligence Network

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Military Affairs

31 August 2007: There is an old saying that goes something like this: If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it did its falling make a sound? To put it another way, if there was an earthquake and no one was around to feel the effects underneath their feet did the earth really move? Well, we’re told by science that the vibration of trillions of molecules creates audible sound and without a human ear to hear those vibrations the sound did occur without a human to detect the falling of the tree. Same goes for the earthquake. Seismographs might record the events in the dimensions of magnitude and duration, but nobody heard or felt them and the danger potential was not otherwise recorded or reported. Some of you are now shrugging your shoulders and saying,”yeah, so what”?

This is what. If there were numerous precursor events and actual events of terrorism going on all over the United States of America with neither the national mainstream media nor the government you elected were acknowledging their occurrence would you know those events had occurred? No, you would probably not, unless you read this website often or had been told by your friends about it via word-of-mouth or an email with a link. Otherwise these events are untitled terrorism, they do not exist. And if you did not know about those untitled terrorist events would you care one iota that they had occurred? Negative, you would not care. If you didn’t hear that “tree” fall near you or feel the “earth move” under your feet then there is no report of an imminent threat to you or your family and you believe you and family are perfectly safe and secure where you are. Believe me; nothing could be further from the truth. Click the article title or “read more” above to continue with this important editorial report.

America, are you aware of the threat to your beloved children on their way to school or in school? How many times over the past couple of years have you heard of this potential danger and then forgotten about it over time. The danger hasn’t gone away, so why are you comfortable now? Maybe I should inform you that in the Houston, Texas area the FBI, JTTF and local law enforcement are anything but comfortable. If you’re not a resident of the Houston area you did not hear this tree fall. Over the summer months, and while your attention has been upon everything but school, at least 17 school buses have been stolen from a variety of student transportation concerns, including private companies, charter schools and businesses. These thefts occurred within a specific geographical suburb of Houston. No known threat? Oh, yes, there is a very real promissory threat from Islamic terrorists to kill several million American children; this is just one avenue to accomplish that Islamic promise. Figuratively, this falling “tree” is a threat to our children and also involves a transportation system. Did you hear it?

In Washington, D.C. problems continue on the Metro transportation system. A month ago the Northeast Intelligence Network reported on the poison spread at various stations of the various systems lines and the sudden death of birds at these locations, which also was eerily similar to what occurred on Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas back in January 2007. Not quite a month after the poison incidents the DC Metro experienced unexplained electrical power problems. Some enterprising public affairs officer blamed this two-day long failure on lightning. It is interesting to note here that one DC Metro power supplier, Virginia Dominion, did not record any electrical problems during the outages and fires on the affected segments of the system. Again, those who do not live in the DC Metro area probably never heard of these events and for you this electrical power and transportation “tree” never fell.

Then there are the various explosive events we have reported on over time and very recently. Do you recall the explosive events in Romulus, Michigan; Texas City, Texas; Spokane, Washington, and most recently the near identical incidents in Houston and Dallas, Texas? And I’ll bet you never felt the earth move under your feet unless you live near Henderson, Texas where a natural gas pipeline exploded without apparent cause and illuminated the night sky for a half-mile in every direction. This pipeline belongs to Kinder Morgan, which according to its website, is one of the largest pipeline transportation and storage companies in North America. In other words, this is part of American strategic national infrastructure. No comment from the national mainstream media, and no government commentary either.

Shhhh, be quiet America, the trees are not falling in the American forest, and the ground does not move under our feet. This September and during the school year dare not to express concern to your elected officials over the security of your children on their way to or while in their school. After all, Beslan is in Russia, not America. Fret not over your own security as you commute over rail lines, bridges and our national transportation infrastructure. A little nick of the razor in the morning is not really a problem, but ten thousand of them that you’re not aware of probably will kill you. The same is true for this country unless you demand the government do something to secure the razors, the axes felling the trees and the Improvised Explosive Devices moving the ground under our feet. It really is up to you to make a difference for your children, yourselves and the nation as a whole. Make some noise like a falling tree; make the government feel the earth move under its bureaucratic feet by stomping your own.

We have been warned numerous times and yet we remain complacent. We are at war with a barbaric enemy who cares nothing about your lives or your childrens lives. The time to act is NOW not after the fact when the touchy feely crowd insists you must heal.

Become proactive not reactive.

I'd much rather deal with my anger and outrage than grief.

How about you?

UPDATE: Miss Beth has a GREAT piece up on this subject from MONTHS ago as well as I and others.

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