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Friday, November 23, 2007

The Defeatocramps Just Disgust This DAV


From Yahoo! News...
AP - The Democrats' flagship proposal on Iraq is aimed at bringing most troops home. Yet if enacted, the law would still allow for tens of thousands of U.S. troops to stay deployed for years to come. [...]
"Flagship" proposal? You mean the sinking into the Abyss of Obscurity "Flagship"?

[...] This reality - readily acknowledged by Democrats who say it's still their best shot at curbing the nearly five-year war - has drawn the ire of anti-war groups and bolstered President Bush's prediction that the United States will most likely wind up maintaining a hefty long-term presence in Iraq, much like in South Korea. [...]
And, Germany, Japan, Kosovo...oh...wait...we aren't allowed to bring up or even to mention Kosovo. Bill Clinton said we would be out of there in a year...what, 8 years ago? Morons.

As we have been saying for seemingly an eternity, this latest quagmire...self-induced...of the Democratic Party Leadership is their last ditch effort to overrun the CONgress and the White House. Their efforts have failed. They tried, once more, to appease their fruit loop fringe anti-Americanist base and it has finally caught up to them. They know it. Their lackies know it. And now, you know it.

We have also said that this is an effort of the DementedRats to lay claim to troops being pulled out of Iraq. This has ALREADY been decided LONG ago as the Surge was building up. I guess the idiots they cater to are just plainly that dumb.

Get over it. We have been in Korea since the early 1950s. We have been in Japan and Europe since the late 1940s. We have been in the Philippines for longer than that. We will be in Iraqistan and Afghanistan for even longer.


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