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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Wounded Have to Refund What?


OK. This is "rich"...no pun intended. Hopefully, this is all a major OOPS! but only time will tell. Regardless, some Leftinistra flake will use this as a political issue at the expense of our troops that they hate anyway.

Catch the wave here...

I will post some snippets from others as I received them in my reader as I was preparing for the show earlier.

Outside The Beltway:

[...] Details are sketchy, with only a handful of mostly derivative reports out there. It’s far from clear whether this is an administration directive or a bureaucratic SNAFU caused by people reading the regulations way too laterally. [...]
Apparently, some clerk someplace needs reading glasses or there is a policy in place that doesn't need to be there. Having a wounded individual to return part of or most of a sign-on bonus because they cannot complete their obligation due to wounds received on the battlefield is just plain retarded.

Q and O:
What mental midget in DoD authorized this stupidity? [...]

[...] Someone had to OK it and I demand his or her salary be returned since it is obvious they shouldn't have been working there at all if they think this is a good idea. I even volunteer to write the letter telling them so too.
It didn't take all that long for the moonbats to blame the Bush Administration. From The Carpetbagger:
[...] For what it's worth, Fox's congressman, Democrat Jason Altmire, has introduced a bill to prohibit the Bush administration from asking the troops for refunds. [...]

From The Captain's Quarters:
[...] You read that right, even if you had to blink twice and reread it to be sure. The DoD has sent letters telling wounded soldiers and Marines that they have to prorate their bonuses because they didn't complete their enlistment terms. The Pentagon discharged them and wants a refund from those who left their health on the battlefield.

This will not last long, of course. Some pencil pusher decided to save a few dollars, but the stink will quickly find its way to Capitol Hill, where it will give Democrats and Republicans alike a chance to show how much they love the troops. Congress will then direct the Pentagon to go out of a collections business that no one in their right mind would have ever started, except for dyed-in-the-wool bureaucrats.

In the meantime, we can all feel embarrassed by the extra stress and pressure these dunning letters placed on those who deserve it least.
Like we all thought from the get-go, this was a major oh darn and the Pentagon and Upper echelon Pencil Pushers are scrambling to undo an idiotic action.

From Hot Air:
I'm proud that we were able to play a tiny part in sending this story national.
Blue Crab Boulevard:
There is quite a lot of justifiable outrage over this report. (There is also quite a lot of posturing from some people who frankly only care because it can be used politically.) [...]

Others blogging: including moonbats and lefty charlatans...