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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Rove v Markos...UPDATE


Make the Leftist Policies the Issue

Absent amnesia - which only occurs within the Leftinistra Elite - America will be fine

As a student of American history and American government, college grade and experience, I can see that the Party of Defeat is in serious trouble. The once grand Democratic Party has been infiltrated and utterly ruined by charlatans, thieves and, using the dreaded "S" word, Socialists. Oddly enough, they are semi - correct when they refer to President Bush having a low approval rating. What they omit purposefully, is that their approval rating is much lower than President Bush to the extent that they have the lowest approval rating of a majority party in the history of the United States. This is nothing to boast of or to write home to Mom about, is it? This is why they must distract from policies and issues and "Make the Bush Record the Issue" as the beloved of the Whiner In Chief at the Daily Kos so stated in his first outing as a contributing author at the Leftist leaning periodical, Newsweek.

With their abilities to distract from the real issue(s), namely, their defective policies, contrary to the United States Constitution, and their abilities to swoon the weak-kneed and the unthinking, they abase others to elevate themselves. These kinds of alleged leaders within the Democratic Party and, to a degree, the Republican Party, cannot be trusted in areas of responsibility in every day life, let alone to be faithful stewards of National Security and the country as a whole. The foremost issue we face as a Nation is the War Against Terrorism.

As a friend has stated recently, "When Kos can demonstrate that the success of General Petraeus' surge warrants the term "unwinnable quagmire", then I'll listen to whatever else the blathering idiot has to say." Very true words these are. Evidently, the individual named KOS hasn't been keeping up with The News lately. Although there have been mistakes made in this war, as there are mistakes made in any war, the mistakes have been corrected and we are seeing success after success and the once Main Stream Media has begun to reluctantly print and report on these positive developments in Iraq. Holding onto the unsubstantiated "quagmire in Iraq" mantra is not only disingenuous, it is wrong-minded. It is Defeatists Rhetoric designed and inspired by individuals that care more for political power and aspiration than they do anything else.

The very statement that the Chief KOSmonoff so uttered, "...a still-devastated Gulf Coast...", is a left-over failed talking dull of the Loser Left members of self-induced emotional hysteria. We all know that this talking dull is aimed at the destruction of New Orleans by the hurricane Katrina. The primary responsibility of the "devastated Gulf Coast" was and still is the Governor's and the Mayor of New Orleans's responsibility. It may be true that FEMA added insult to injury after-the-fact but name me one Government run Agency that isn't strife with bureaucratic red-tape and inefficient. It seems that the politicians ignore the very definition of bureaucracy with the original intent was to be efficient...w laughable is that? While the dear Governor and the Chocolate Mayor was busy absconding with untold amounts of government money for a self-made welfare state of confusion called Louisiana and New Orleans, they sat idly by in fear of making a decision because it might be a bad one. It is Standard Operating Procedure for a Democratic Party Leader to always blame someone or something else for their own short-comings. Is this what America needs - leaders living in fear of making a decision that could be seen as a bad one so they make no decision at all? Please, KOS...give it a rest, fool.

As for a dysfunctional health care system, I would like to see chapter and verse instead of rambling rhetoric. The only thing I see as dysfunctional about it is when government gets involved. The United States has the best health care system in the world...people from all over the world come to the United States because their respective country has pathetic and sub-standard health care, England and Canada included. This is yet another lame talking dull that must be dismissed as a pathetic and drummed up lie to instate Hillary Care 102...101 failed. As for the SCHIP quagmire, the vast majority of Americans want this program after it is fixed. This data, the Defeatocrats ignore and recently, prominent Democratic leaders have admitted that SCHIP, was meant to be the first step towards Socialized Medicine.

The socialist KOS proves his socialist leaning by mentioning, without substantiation, "a wealth gap of a scope unseen since the Great Depression", leaving out the fact that the wealthiest of all are Democrats. Go figure. This is another unsubstantiated diatribe to instill "the Worker's Party" voice of politics as repeated by the socialists and communists so adamantly echoed by the organization A.N.S.W.E.R.. They are no more for the Little People than they are for Free Enterprise and Freedom.

The article goes on and on mentioning a tad of data here and a tad of data there, never getting into specifics because the Leftinistra are short on facts and high on emotional tripe and trivial pursuits of inanities. This is why their base is shrinking and shrinking fast. They have become inefficient and insignificant. The New Media, the Conservative Blogosphere literally tears asunder the emotional rants of emotionally weak people and groups. Facts repel Leftinistra as is so evident in this first outing of the Chief KOSmonoff at Newsweek. Where are his facts? Where is the substantiation? Where can these words of emotional falderal be checked as truth. Are there no consequences for the verbiage of a fool?

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