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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Democrats Lied and Many Died


I often wonder how the Leftinistra in this country we call The United States can sleep at night or, whenever, knowing in their hearts that their blatant BDS driven hatred for the military is getting our people in this country's uniform killed and wounded by their actions or, inactions. Is political standing and stature really that overwhelmingly important to them that they are directly responsible for the deaths and wounding of our troops by emboldening our enemy? Don't they realize that all the enemy is doing at the moment is waiting for the Democratic Party Leadership to win?

Why is it, that right at this very moment, when and, as we are winning this War In Iraq, they choose to pull the funds? The only explanation, both plausible and viable, is political expediency. How dare they. And, why are we tolerating this pathetic temper tantrum of theirs?

When we have reports such as this flowing into the news rooms across the globe, why are they being ignored? And, on the verge of Victory, our pathetic Democratic Party Leaders are just plain childishly wrong.

DEMOCRATIC POLITICAL SHENANIGANS CAUSES MORE US SOLDIERS TO DIE! Because democrats are choosing to delay funding to the troops at war more US soldiers will die!
[...] Politics is one thing, but politics that cause US military men and women to die is something completely reprehensible. This is an outrage! [...]
Like my Mother used to tell me when I did something dumb like this, "Are you happy now?" I know what my Mother would say to Christopher Dodd, a Presidential Aspirant..."Bugger off you bloody twit!". Check out Gateway Pundit's place for some amazing success numbers and related data.
[...] The poor democrats have got themselves in a pickle. Even The Washington Post admits that the situation in Iraq is improving. But, Democrats just can't see the obvious improvements. They are too blinded by their defeatism.
It goes deeper than this. The current pathetic inactions to fund the war to Victory is their last ditch effort to win in '08. They feel compelled to make amends to their base that they have lied to to get into power and a good shot at the White House back in '06. If they fail now, they are finished for a very long time. No one honors or respects empty shirts and empty promises. Especially the kind undeliverable.

Flopping Aces has said, "At least they are being honest."
[...] Why do the right thing when you can do the thing that will get you re-elected instead?

The surge is working, the Iraqi's are fighting back against al-Qaeda, the parties inside Iraq are starting to work together, violence and deaths are down, and our troops are beginning to come home. [...]
In the NYT the other day, we find this:
[...] Democratic lawmakers and strategists on Capitol Hill said their hope was that even if Republican support for Mr. Bush's strategy held firm, voters would reward Democrats for their efforts at the polls next November, and that there was no risk to failing again and again. [...]
Simply amazing and unconscionable. They think that the American People will reward them for being directly responsible for the deaths and wounds of our men and women in uniform. What kind of a demented mind-set is that?

My friend Susan said it fairly clearly last week:
Yesterday I repeated a question to the Democratic politicians that I had asked previously and have been waiting for an answer to, after showing what their choices were regarding Iraq:

The Choices:

Choice #1: They can acknowledge what is right in front of them and risk the ire of their far left, liberal base, like MoveOn.org and Code pink and the liberal bloggers that have shown they will "go after" anyone that dares speak up and tell the truth. (As they have done with Brian Baird and what they call the Bush Dog Democrats)

Choice #2: They can continue to ignore the progress and success that is being seen in Iraq and mollify their far left, liberal base, while they alienate the moderates of their party and the independents.
The Question:

Note to the rest of the Democratic politicians... eventually you are going to have to pick choice #1 or choice #2 from above because the days of ignoring it and hoping that things will go bad in Iraq are over, and it is time for you to either tell your moderates and the independents to go to hell or to tell MoveOn.org and the far left liberal, unhinged faction of your base to go to hell.

You have left yourself no middle ground. They will not let you have it both ways.

So, whats it to be Democrats?

We are waiting.

Via the New York Times we receive their answer. Petrified of their far left liberal base they would rather tell the moderates and independents to go to hell.

Democrats in Congress failed once again Friday to shift President Bush's war strategy in Iraq, but insisted that they would not let up. Their explanation for their latest foiled effort seemed to boil down to a simple question: "What else are we supposed to do?"
In answer to that question, The Van Der Galiƃ«n Gazette, gives the answer:

How about putting petty partisanship aside and doing what's right for the future of both America and Iraq?
I have said before that the definition of insanity was to continue to try what has failed 41 times already, expecting to get a different result, just to keep the far left, liberal, unhinged portion of their party happy.

What the Conservatives, Moderates and Independents are seeing and what the Democratic politicians are doing their best to ignore is evidenced by one of the many articles we are seeing in our media, this time in Newsweek. [...] read the rest...
Can you believe these cretins? They fear an insignificant group of loud-mouthed schnooks? They fear these old used up hippies? They fear these anti-Americanist groups? They embolden our enemies abroad AND here at home? All for political aspirations? One of them actually asked, "What else can we do?"

Good God Almighty. And they expect that the country will reward them for their treason? Yes. I said treason. Look it up. No...we will NOT reward them unless it be the gallows.