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Friday, December 28, 2007

Among Other Issues, Remember This In 2008


The current political crisis in Lebanon, which began following the August 2006 Israel-Hizbullah war, is now coming to a head. Two of the country's biggest camps - the March 14 Forces, which constitute the majority in the Lebanese parliament, and the Lebanese opposition headed by Hizbullah - have failed to reach agreement over who will be the country's next president and over the makeup of the next government. [...]
Coupled with this crisis in Lebanon, we have people that think like the following and the idgits in the American Congress turn a blind eye in the name of political correctness, multiculturalism and identity politics.
Jamal Al-Din: "Our problem today - not only in Iraq, but in all Arab and Islamic countries - is the duality of the shari'a and the law. This duality is lethal. Our countries do not fully abide by the shari'a of Allah, nor do they follow a man-made law, like in France and other countries - including Turkey. There is nothing wrong with a country that bases itself exclusively on shari'a law, with no regard for the civil law. We believe the Koran to be the book sent by Allah - a complete book, with no additions and no omissions. Indeed, we believe that the Koran and Islam are the solution. Why, then, do we mix elements of the French and other laws in our shari'a law? Let the brothers who demand the establishment of a religious state adhere exclusively to shari'a law. Let them, for example, collect the jizya poll tax from their Christian citizens. Let them annihilate the Yazidis because they do not belong to the People of the Book. Let them raise doubts about the status of the Sabaeans in Iraq, because it is unclear whether they belong to the People of the Book or not."
Can it be related any clearer than this? Remember the Al-Qaeda attack a short time ago? The one that was called the 911 of Algiers? The one where the cowards of Islamic Jihad attacked the United Nations? It turns out that the Terrorist News Network has been exposed and called out:
The Algerian press made a rare show of unanimity in angrily denouncing the Al-Jazeera poll. The director-general of Algerian national television, Hamraoui Habib Chawki, addressed the issue during primetime, calling the poll "a grave slip that has made this station [Al-Jazeera] into an official spokesman for Al-Qaeda, terrorism, and crime."(3) The director-general of the national press service APS, Nacer Mehal, made similar remarks in Jeddah during a meeting with the Saudi Minister of Information.(4) In addition, the National Liberation Front (FLN) released a statement saying that the poll was "an implicit show of support for terrorist organizations."(5)

The director of Al-Jazeera's website, Ahmad Al-Sheikh, told the Algerian daily El-Shorouq El-Yawmi that the poll had been posted without his knowledge, called it a grave error, and said that it had been removed from the website. He also accused Al-Qaeda members and other interested parties of having thrown the poll results, saying that no one supported "barbaric acts" like the Algiers bombings.(6)
UH OH!! Looks like due to the corner market on cigars that Bill Clinton owns has caused the AQ Mouth Piece to have to wait for their cigar delivery...no cigars for them. With all of that going on and OBL openly admitting that they have lost the War In Iraq, much to Reid's disappointment, now we have the Terrorist Union competing with when the Global Caliphate is going to be established. It seems as though OBL wants to redeploy to Pakistan...go figure; we have been telling people this for well over three years that I know about...but Hamas has other ideas.
[...] As a religious-social movement confined to the West Bank and Gaza, Hamas has to date focused primarily on implementing a domestic socio-religious program. However, Hamas' victory in the 2005 municipal elections and 2006 parliamentary elections, and its subsequent takeover of Gaza, have raised questions regarding the future orientation of the movement's political activities. The issue most frequently debated is whether Hamas will continue to pursue its locally oriented agenda, or, taking advantage of its political momentum, will extend its influence beyond the boundaries of the West Bank and Gaza by becoming active in the arena of global jihad.

This paper assesses the possibility that Hamas will establish operative ties with global jihad movements, especially with Salafi movements such as Al-Qaeda, and join them in their global enterprises. Based on a consideration of its ideology, its roots in the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood movement, and the policies it has adopted since the Gaza takeover, the paper concludes that Hamas' local orientation is grounded in its ideology, and that the movement is therefore unlikely to engage in global jihad and to take part in initiatives aimed at restoring the global Islamic caliphate, which was dismantled de facto in 1918 and officially abolished by Turkish leader Kamal Ataturk in 1924. [...]
It seems as though OBL is more insignificant these days and Hamas is feeling their oats. I wonder how that is going to play out. These poor fools don't even see what is going on, do they? OBL trying to unite all and every Jihadi coward troll and fruit loop and they just aren't paying attention...typical divide and conquer ploy. It always works especially among the backward. With that, we have Sudan whining about the usual and typical Big Bad Satan that doesn't go around murdering people for not complying with Christian Doctrine.
[...] "When Alberto Fernandez was appointed U.S. Charge d'Affaires in Sudan, I expressed my deep sorrow that our country would be subjected to the torment of this arrogant man. I had seen him many times on Al-Jazeera and on other [TV] channels representing and defending America's foreign policy in Iraq, [the cradle of] civilization, [land of the great Caliph] Haroun Al-Rasheed.(3) The American forces have killed a million [Iraqis] and exiled millions more, and have driven Iraq and its civilization decades into the past, in terms of education and medical services and electricity and water infrastructures. So when [Fernandez], a speaker of Arabic, arrived [in Sudan], I knew that we were [facing] a new age of violence, tyranny and moral decay. [...]
Gee. I just have to wonder who it is exactly that possesses the Moral Higher Ground here. Listening to this fool, he just admitted that the American Moonbat Squads are, once again, with no surprise, wrong about the "education, medical services, electrical and water infrastructures". Imagine that. The poor slog just admitted that vast improvements have been made in this regard and he would rather the people NOT have these amenities. Now we know where these same Moonbats get their "1M Iraqi dead" figure. That myth has been debunked many times over.

Just for argument's sake, let's say that there are that many. If so, then, the following murderous Jihadi coward troll said the following back in the beginning of December:
Following are excerpts from a speech by Muhammad Taher Al-Farouq, leader of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan [...]

[...] "Allah willing, we will reach America. The men of this nation will reach America. The goal of this campaign is not only Kabul, Kandahar, or Baghdad. The eyes of the nation of Muhammad are set on Washington, London, Moscow, Paris, Delhi, Beijing, and other countries. This is our goal and, Allah willing, we will get there." [...]
I wonder how many dead would take place in the quest of such an unholy graille. That sounds like an open declaration of war to me.

Remember these things posted above as we head into the 2008 American Elections Duck Soup Quagmire and laughing stock of the world.

Who is best suited to deal with Global Jihad?