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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Hot On The Trail...Top Stories of 2007


Looking back on the American politics during 2007, we see nothing but more political victories for the Right side (correct side) going into 2008. The Leftinistra have given "BushCo" and "Darth Vader" their best shots and have come up smelling like a gallon of milk after it has been sitting out in the West Texas sun for 2 weeks...rank.

If the GOP listens to the post at Red State, the gains we have made in the aftermath of the consummate failures of the DNC Political Machinations of 2007 will be relatively NIL. We do NOT need to paint ourselves as Moderates. Moderates are what is wrong...they are People Pleasers and no one can please every one. That is what has gotten the Leftinistra into trouble.

America is indeed polarized and that is due, mostly, to neither Party understanding what their jobs are. Each Party has their die-hards and, that is a bad thing. Either die-hard members will vote the Party for no other reason than to vote the Party line, whatever that may be. Some vote DNC or GOP because their parents did and their parents before them did. This stems from a Party Platform that neither Party sticks to after they have had the elections. Ronald Wilson Reagan is a prime example of bringing the country together...twice.

RWR won both elections in landslides and mandates. There is no escaping or denying that fact. He was true to his word and true to the Nation and not to the individual small minority in numbers groups. He was a staunch Conservative. Period. He was no Moderate. Period. Red State is wrong. Period. We don't need no stinkin' moderates. Jeff Emanuel agrees:
If there are two lessons that we as a party and as a movement should have learned from 2006, they are the following:

(1) Republicans do not succeed when they abandon First Principles. Losing the high ground on spending, ethics, and leadership cost the party dearly in last year's election -- yet we seem to have largely forgotten that already (or to have projected blame for that loss onto other issues, like foreign policy).

(2) Republicans do not succeed when they campaign as, or nominate people who are, Democrat-lite.
Democrat-lite...Romney, Rudy and Huckabee. Imagine that. No wonder they are the media darlings onh the GOP side of the fence. I know we will never have another RWR but at least we can get relatively close and Mitt, Rudy and Mike ain't it. The only ones that are close are Fred and Duncan. Period. This is why they are not the media darlings. Period.

Having said all of that, here are the top 10 stories as so designated by the AP:
If you will notice, please, why is the Iraq War in the #3 slot? Was it not the #1 Campaign Issue of 2006/2007? How did it slide into third place? And, why? Read carefully, please, if you will, each on the list and contemplate the stories. The reason is obvious. Try to focus on each one before reading on. Go.

The TOP story, the most "toppest" (I like making up my words) of all top stories...the MOAS...the Mother of All Stories is The Surge. Is it not? The Surge drove the Leftinistra into feeding frenzies as they tried 45 times to lose the War In Iraq. Why isn't The Surge the #1 story? I'll tell you why. It spells VICTORY and the Party of Defeat has been eviscerated by The Surge. Period.

We discussed this on my BTR show this evening, 12/25/2007 and now I read it on Michelle's site she posted yesterday:
[...] Remember when the Associated Press told you what the top 10 stories of the year were-and that was the end of discussion? No more. One of the wonderful benefits of the Internet is that it ended the monopoly of the MSM Deciders. Permanently. [...]
Exactly so.