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Friday, December 28, 2007

More Foolish, Emotional and Ignorant anti-Americanists Prattle


This entire entry by DHinMI at the KOSmonoff blog had this to say about the murder of Prime Minister Bhutto:

[...] The Bush administration, the Republican candidates for President and wingers of all varieties will be invoking the specter of "TERRA!" and arguing that this killing is proof that we need a bellicose foreign policy under the command of another bellicose Republican. Of course, that's wrong. Pakistan's government has been under the control of the military for much of its history, and often those dictatorships had the sanction of the US. Cold War politics figured heavily in to its history, and the current crisis has its roots in the US/Pakistani creation of the Mujahadeen forces that fought in Afghanistan in the 1980's against the Soviets. While it certainly has huge consequences for the US, this assassination is another chapter in the internal struggles of Pakistan.

It was the creation of those forces for the Afghan war that eventually led to the rise of the Taliban, the creation of al Qaeda, and the radicalization of the mostly Pashtun peoples in the "tribal areas" of Pakistan, where Bin Laden is widely believed to have found a safe haven, most likely with the tacit acceptance of Pakistan's intelligence service, which is believed to be sympathetic to, and probably actively supporting the religious extremists who seek to overturn Pakistan's government. These are the proximate roots of the current struggles in Pakistan. [...]
And there you have it. It is all America's fault and primarily the fault of President Bush. The BDS runs deep and wide.

And then, there is always this extreme anti-Americanist, Medea Benjamin:
[...] CODEPINK agrees that Musharraf is the biggest obstacle facing a democratic Pakistan today. He is not capable of either fighting extremists or building a society that respects the rule of law. My colleague Tighe Barry and I recently had a taste of his dictatorial ways when we were kidnapped and carjacked at gunpoint and then deported for supporting the pro-democracy movement. [...]
Idiot. I guess the foolish imp and financier of the enemy forces against the United States just doesn't know squat.

To add to the Double Standard(s) of the Collective Leftinistra, we now have a moonbat over at Saloon for Loons and Spitoons decrying that Pakistan has always been a bigger threat to the United States than Iraq was. I was under the impression that "Iraq was never a threat" and now, it was a threat but not as much as Pakistan was/is. First of all, during the beginning of the GWOT, Pakistan said that they would take care of AQ and the Taliban in Pakistan and said the US could not enter Pakistan to conduct military actions. These folks really don't pay that much attention, do they? Either that or they have a very short memory and shorter attention span. And, the whole incident with the Bhutto assassination is, once again, President Bush's fault. Then, again, the Leftinistra Moonbat Juan Cole is the author of the entry.
Bush's failed policies in Pakistan, a nuclear power that al-Qaida still uses to plot against the West, threatens U.S. security more than Iraq ever did. [...]
Poor thing. The BDS is dripping.
[...] The renewed instability in Pakistan came as a grim reminder that the Bush administration has been pursuing a two-front war, neither of which has been going well. [..]
Someone needs to raid the fellow's hang-outs and dispense with the 'shrooms, forthwith!

Naturally, CBS, Time, Hillary and Obama, Socialist Joe, Loony RP, some others, moonbats here, Pelosi and Reid, Russ Feingold (twit), Byron Williams, Gareth Porter, Kennedy and Specter, Snakes and Snails, Anti-Americanist Blog, WaPo, Mulvaney, Idiot Politicians, Dingbats, SmokeFilledBrain, FizzleBangDumb, CNN, those committing social vapor, TPM, BBC, Guardian, ICGA, unhinged moonbats' comments, TalkLeft Fruit Loops, and a host of others went on the usual political jockey ride on their horses to Utopia (no place) and the usual Blame America First and Bash Bush tirades, instead on focusing on the "who did it" deal.

Dean Barnett says that it is more prudent for most to keep their mouths shut.

Not enough? Go here:
A massive collection of Leftist blog posts are here. And, I hesitate to say this but, I sort of...for the most part...semi-agree with Lionel Beehner. However, in the genre of Juan Cole, Bob Cesca is still a lost soul with the BDS oozing from every orifice.