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Monday, November 10, 2008

Ayers, Gaffes, Dissent and Broken Campaign Promises


Shame on The New Yorker
Shame on The New Yorker and its editor David Remnick for playing a role in the attempt of Bill Ayers and his publisher to resurrect both Ayers’ book and his reputation. Beacon Press has announced that they are releasing an updated version of Ayers’ 2001 book Fugitive Days on November 12th, a publication date purposely held until after the election. As most everyone knows, the original edition had the misfortune of being published on 9/11/2001, a date that led to cancellation of Ayers’ book tour, and to reams of negative publicity. The last thing the American public wanted to hear about was the glamorization of a 1960’s terrorist. [...] read the rest
We really shouldn't expect anything different, should we? The Enemies of The State do have an agenda. The List of 45 spells it all out don't you know?

Bill Ayers Redux
[...] Call me crazy, but somehow I doubt that if Martin Luther King had been able to react to 9/11 he would have used the terminology Jeremiah Wright used. But that’s just me. Poor Bill Ayers. Poor Rashid Khalidi. It’s always such a bummer when meanies throw your words (and deeds) back in your face and start asking all those rude questions and making you all upset. I’ve thought long and hard about why the Ayers story got no traction in the press. The only conclusion I can come to is that baby boomer-age managers, who hold the lion’s share of decision-making posts at the most influential media outlets, are still romanticizing the ’60s — and to a lesser extent, the early ’70s — adhering to the “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” mentality. Sure the Weather Underground kicked up a fuss, but we didn’t want to go to Vietnam, man! Besides, all those hippie chicks raising their fists in defiance of the Man were hotttt. The younger people in newsrooms go along with their superiors’ narratives because, not to put too fine a point on it, they’re completely and wholly ignorant about American history. They wouldn’t know the SDS or the Symbionese Liberation Army from a hole in the wall. [END] read the rest

Is it Still Patriotic to Oppose the President?
In order to counter cries from the right that left was not patriotic the Democrats began to claim that opposing the president and his policies was in fact a patriotic thing to do. Hillary Clinton had this to say at one point: I am sick and tired of people who call you unpatriotic if you debate this administration’s policies. We are Americans and have the right to participate and debate any administration. The question now is, is it still patriotic to oppose an administration’s policies? Hillary claimed that is was patriotic to debate ANY administration’s policies. I oppose President-elect Obama, i oppose his policies and what he stands for. I intend to be right here writing about everything that Obama does that I do not agree with, and there is quite a bit. Does that make me patriotic? According to Hillary it does. Or does that only apply to certain administrations? [...] read the rest

Libs Suddenly Find Themselves Defending the Flag
Figures. It wasn't that long ago that the American Left was burning and crapping on the flag. Suddenly, all of that has changed. Veteran Lou Schrader of Las Cruces, New Mexico flew his flag upside down on Wednesday in protest of Barack Obama winning the presidency. This alarmed his liberal neighbors. [...] read the rest
Incredible isn't it? This is even more incredible. Haven't we been saying this for nearly 4 years now?

Now They Tell Us... Obama May Have to Adjust Timetable on Iraq
Media. Is. Dead.
After a two years of bloviating, spinning and promising to retreat-- the media is finally reporting that Obama's timetable on Iraq will not work. ...Three days after the election. [...] read the rest
OOPS! He lied. I wonder how many will die because of it. He lied here as well...

Candidate Obama’s Meddling in Iraq Confirmed
[...] During the same trip Obama also tried to persuade the US commanders, including Gen. David Petraeus, to suggest a “realistic withdrawal date.” They declined. (…)”. Bob Owens in a PJs article “Obama’s Questionable Diplomacy in Iraq” had a reaction to the allegations from the Multi-National Force Iraq Press Desk. Fast forward to breaking news this morning by The Right Perspective, mentioning the comments made by an Iraqi MP in newspaper Aswat al Iraq. The article “Lawmakers call on Obama to pull out troops from Iraq” quotes legislature Mohammed al-Mehmedawi of al-Fadila bloc saying … “Obama advised Iraqi politicians not to sign the pact.” “He did so because he believed that if the pact would not be signed, it would be a landmark for republicans’ policy failure in Iraq,” he noted. The keen observer may have noticed nothing was spared in the Obama campaign to win the Presidency. A number of efforts crossed the line of generally accepted standards of proper conduct. The above was clearly one of them. [...] read the rest
We call that Logan Act and Smith Act violations.

Jihadi Leaders Says Obama's Win A Victory For 'Radical Islamic Groups'
Confirming what we, and others, said quite often before the election, a Jihadi leader, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, leader of the Islamic State of Iraq, in a 25 minute taped speech, posted to the Al Hesbah website, says that Barack Obama's election win, was a "victory" for radical Islamic groups. [...] read the rest
There's that damn Democrats and Terrorists connection again.

Did You Know the Group William Ayers Headed Killed More People Than The Klu Klux Klan
In the last 50 years the KKK Klu Klux Klan killed 6 people compared to William Ayers’ group, the Weathermen, which murdered 7 people, not counting the three Weathermen who blew themselves up while making bombs in Greenwich Village. Seventeen children were left without fathers. They attempted to murder 5 more innocents when they fire bombed the home of a judge in the middle of the night, when his innocent children were asleep in the home. In 2001 Ayers told the New York Times he is sorry they did not do more! They claimed responsibility for more than 30 bombings! Sorry that he did not murder more people and orphan more children? The Ayers/Obama people tell the lie that Ayers’ group were merely anti-Vietnam war protestors. Absolutely untrue. According to court filings, FBI wiretaps, and the FBI agents who infiltrated undercover, the goal of the Ayers’ led Weathermen was to take control of America in a violent revolution, and to change us into a classic Communist country. They opposed the Vietnam war not because it was a war, but because it was a war against Communism. William Charles Ayers, his wife Bernardine Rae Dohrn née Ohrnstein, and his group were such wacked-out, murderous lunatics, so psychotically out of touch with reality, that they actually believed that by setting off more than 30 bombs and murdering police officers, that they could overthrow our government and seize control in a Communist dictatorship. [...] read the rest

Peace Movement's True Colors
Skye emails from the road that this is what she encountered today in West Chester, PA after years of a weekly confrontation over the war; [...] read the rest
The following are must read posts and I whole heartedly agree with their content. I have been hearing that we must take the High Road. That pathetic attitude is EXACTLY what the libtard moonbat fruit loop brigades want. I didn't swallow that nonsense "then" and I most assuredly will not adopt that failed policy this time.

Interesting. I have been preaching this as well. Take the damn gloves off because the European model, whatever the hell that is has been returning to NON socialist values and tenets and so has the vast majority of the remaining socialist nations on this planet. This is all simply amazing. But, then again, I read the List of 45 and all becomes all so very clear.

AQI wants Obama to keep his promise on Iraq
Voters weren’t the only people counting on Barack Obama to keep his campaign promises. Terrorists in Iraq want to see whether Obama will abide by his pledge to get American troops out of their way so that they can get back to the business of slaughtering Iraqis. That includes al-Qaeda in Iraq: [...] read the rest
That Didn't Take Long... Obama Surrenders To Russia
Earlier this week Russia warned the US about the planned US missile defense pact with Poland.

Today Obama surrendered.

He may not be in office but Barack Obama already backed down on his commitment to Poland to go ahead with a missile defense system. [...] read the rest
Damn. He isn't even in the White House yet and the idiot is surrendering. Oh. Wait. That's what idiots and cowards do...surrender. I forgot. My bad. Carry on.