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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Let The Blood Letting Begin...Or Not - Your Choice


Before I get into that which I am about to write I would first like to say how irrelevant The Goreacle is. His 5-Step Plan to bankruptcy and his idiocy on his Global Warming Myth is absolutely pathetic. I just thought I would share that with you all. So...

There is talk about Newt Gingrich taking over the helm at the RNC. That is all fine and dandy but is that what we need? Go ahead and take part in the opinion survey at mm.com.

I was shocked that he sided with the Global Warming Myth mutants but that may have been something else so I am willing ti give him a pass on that one. However, he DID swing right to Hillary's socialist health care and that unconstitutional bail out bill that has made matters worse in case you haven't noticed. I respect Newt because I remember the Contract With America. I have written on this in the past and those posts can be found here. The GOP/RNC has abandoned that which catapulted them into power and the evidence of the abandonment of Conservative Principles is a matter of public record...they have been losing elections the more liberal and compassionate they get. Is Newt the one to snap the GOP out? I could go either way but I am leaning more to the "NO" column at this point. I did like what he said here though:
[...] When asked if the Republican Party was struggling to find its identity. "No," said Gingrich, "The Republican party's struggling to get beyond incompetence." [END]
We'll see. WaPo has a list of contenders but who gives a damn what that Marxist and Czarbie rag says about anything?

Yid With Lid likes the idea.
Now here is an Idea that will help turn the GOP around, Make Newt Gingrich the Chairman of the Republican Party. And the Good News is that Newt will do it. Don't forget it was Gingrich who was the guiding force behind the contract with America that gave the GOP the majority in 1994. Newt has the vision and the communication skills to turn the party around. Read the Full report below: [...] read the rest
Right Wing News is endorsing the idea...
[...] If Newt Gingrich wants the job, they would be crazy not to take him. He would provide instant credibility with conservatives, he has led the Party out of the wilderness before, he is one of the best idea men in the Republican Party, and he would be a great representative for the Party in a time when the RNC Chairman may be the most important spokesman for the party. Nothing against Saul Anuzis and Katon Dawson, who both seem to be competent guys (I'm not a fan of Mike Duncan), but they are not in the same league as Newt Gingrich. PS: Anyone who can't figure out that a "serious overhaul of the Party" is needed after two consecutive bloodbaths at the polls needs to retire. Also, we don't need to "purge moderates," nor do we need to "shift to the middle" to expand the tent. If the GOP does what it was sent to D.C. to do in the first place -- control spending, shrink government, keep taxes low, defend traditional values, and stand for law and order -- moderates will flock to the GOP. [END]
I suppose folks have plumb forgot about the unconstitutional bail out bill and that retarded socialist health care deal with Hillary. Perhaps MAJOR explanations are in order from The Newt on these issues in order to restore some semblance of faith in him or at least some modicum of trust.

Personally, I am partial to Michael Steele. Hot Air in two posts are pretty much signing onto the Newt Chant and they cite the Washington Times. Whatever you do, do NOT listen to Mike Huckabee...he has Obama Disease...Hope and Change that equates to the same damn thing just painted a different color.

Some are calling this election the time for realignment but I would caution as to which direction to realign with.
The big question that everyone is asking is whether this month's general election marked the beginning of a political realignment that will create a new dominant party. Have Americans shifted their loyalties and fundamental assumptions about the parties and about the government, or did we just witness a short-term reaction to years of bad news? Let's be clear: The election results in 2006 and 2008 constitute the kind of one-two punch that is rare in modern American political history. It would be silly to portray this year's election as a minor hiccup. The nation elected a liberal African-American Democrat from the North as president, and it gave him a majority of all votes cast. [...] read the rest
We all knew this day was coming. I used to argue with folks over at the old lame GOP.com forum just how pathetic and leftist the GOP was and that it was time to rid the GOP/RNC of all RINOs and send them back to the Democrat Party from whence they came. With "allies" like them, who in the hell needs enemies? Some are calling for the excommunication of the heretics and I whole heartedly agree...the heretics are the RINOs. Another name is Fair Weather Conservative. We need to find those Reagan Boots and commence to kicking some RINO ass.

Whatever we do, we need to do it now and get into campaign mode now so we can campaign 24-7-365 like the enemy has been doing for decades while the GOP/RNC sat on their flubber. And, if it is true that we are in the beginning throes of a GOP Civil War, how is that going to help? I wouldn't call it a Civil War. I would call it a Purging.

Change Won't Come from the Top Down
Save the GOP alerted this Kos nugget on Our Conservative Movement Leaders retreating to a country estate in Virginia to plan the future for us:
I attended one of these for our side in early 2005, and the experience was so miserable that it ended up being a major inspiration for Crashing the Gate. It was full of the same progressive "leaders" who had gotten us into our predicament, and their solutions were the same bullshit that had gotten us in the mess in the first place. So I left that retreat even more motivated to wage war against our party's political and issue-group establishment. Our victories in recent years have come, in large part, from our ability to bypass that crowd.

Those early tensions are mostly erased, as a new balance has been struck by issue groups more and more aware of the need to be part of a holistic progressive movement, rather than focus obsessively and divisively on their own single pet cause. It really is night and day. But that didn't come out of that conference. And it certainly wasn't billed as a way to generate a new grassroots movement. The notion of having a bunch of top-down movement leaders create a new "national grassroots" operation by fiat from up and above, by the same jokers who created the mess the GOP is currently in, is pretty laughable.
I believe we have fallen prey to the same problem that befell the left in its years in the wilderness. You had environmental groups, abortion rights groups, womens groups, unions, minority groups -- but no progressive movement. Today on the right we have social conservative groups, economic groups -- subdivided into tax cutters and spending hawks, national security groups, gun groups, etc. but no truly mass-based conservative movement. Perhaps the best exponent of across-the-board conservatism is Rush, but he has no lists and no way to mobilize his audience directly to donate and volunteer. [...] read the rest
And that is what has been wrong for quite a while. Folks have trying to fix the top with the top and going "underground" is totally retarded and I am not sure waving good bye to American Exceptionalism is the way to go either. Now, granted, Czarbie, if he makes it passed the Constitutional Conundrum on or about 12/1/08, he will most assuredly screw things up for decades.

Nay-Sayers at the Conservative Renaissance
As conservatives, especially those who are the heart of the Republican Party wrestle with the issues, lesson learned, and planned actions in the aftermath of Election 2008, it is important that we maintain balance in our actions and decisions. It is easy to point fingers while forgetting that we have four fingers pointed right back us. As identified in the following excellent piece by Leslie Cabone, "Ronald Reagan once said, 'I wasn't a great communicator, but I communicated great things.' Those great things are true, and they don't change." Let's not forget the great things for expediency, bias or to enhance numbers. Unlike the soon to be imbued administration who called for "change," we cannot been drawn into the rabbit trap but remember that great things (i.e., principles and ideals) do not change! [...] read the linked article there
GOP needs a ‘Freedom Contract with America’
Please join us at No Compromises in sending a clear signal of reform to our feckless leaders at the Republican National Committee (RNC). We gladly welcome your inputs, your keen insightful commentary and additions to this important Conservative revolution to reform the GOP. The way to win in politics is to attract more people into your electoral tent than theirs - it’s as simple as that. Think about the Reagan-Paul Revolution outfitted in a modern-day, high-tech marketing and grass-roots infrastructure. [...] read the rest.
While you are at it, take a look at the Freedom Contract With America, screen shots below:

Pretty cool stuff.

There are emerging many schools of thought ans I am reading, hearing and listening to them all at this point in time. Blue Crab Boulevard has an interesting take that I have not subscribed to but thought throw out there anyway. They have a post from Commentary that is worthy of the read but I will only place a snippet of their commentary on Commentary:
[...] There is quite a lot more, especially the point about following neither extreme position of saying Reaganism is dead or Needs to be reclaimed. He calls it reformist versus traditionalist. I think he’s right that there is a middle course here. We can remember and embrace our Reagan roots, if you will. But we can also forge a new, more timely message to merge with and carry forward with those traditions.

For me, Reagan was, above all, a pragmatist. He did not get all his agenda enacted, not even most of it.

But he got a lot. And he got his main one. His policies crushed the Soviet Union and ended the Cold War. He chose his battles wisely.

Can we do less and expect to get what he got?

Choose battles wisely, wait for the opening. Find solid ground to fight from, drive a solid message.

The left glories in our disarray. Do not give them the satisfaction.

That simple. That difficult. [END]
In another post at BCB, we find this: Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There
Noemie Emery invokes the words of Ronald Reagan to urge the right to take a deep breath and shut up. Hacking away at one another and second guessing is a really, really bad idea at the moment. [...]
Just so. That is what the libtard moonbat fruit loop brigades want.

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