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Thursday, November 13, 2008

No Brainers Of The Day


HENRY: Thinning the GOP's herd
Abandonment of conservative principles was the root cause of Republican losses. Now what?

The Republican Party nationally, and in Pennsylvania, lies in tatters today. Having lost the White House to Barack Obama, suffered historic losses in congressional elections, been almost shut out in statewide races, and experienced further erosion in the state House, there is no doubt the GOP has hit rock bottom. [...] Read the rest
Now they start listening to us? Now? Isn't it just like the "smart ones" to close the barn doors right after the horses got out? I am for hire people. I have been preaching this for a minimum of 16 years. Vindication.

EDITORIAL: Campaign finance on trial, again
The Republican National Committee's decision today to file suit in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, challenging the constitutionality of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, is a clear signal that it is concerned about its ability to raise money under the current system. It is also a clear sign of the waning control both parties will have in the future over state and local politics. [...] Read the rest
I am releasing a sigh of contempt here. Once again, I have been preaching this since the McCain-Feingold quagmire. I am still for hire. This whole issue was designed to aid DNC electoral victories and to ensure GOP losses but "they" would not listen to us. Now who has the egg on face?

Ignorance runs in the family...

Luke to GOP: Go Left
Perhaps Luke Russert should consider dropping his NBC gig as youth-vote specialist and becoming a full-time Republican consultant. The son of the late Meet The Press host didn't hesitate this evening to share his advice to the GOP, which can be summarized in two words: go left. [...] read the rest
Still, I am for hire. If the GOP wants to lose bigger and bigger in the future, by all means go left. John Avlon says the GOP needs to be more Centrist. David Frum says the GOP needs to go more left. John and David need to retire and not to be heard from in GOP/RNC circles. The reason the GOP has been losing elections since 2000 is because it has gone Center to Left and their opponents have run as Conservatives. Wake up morons. And Colin Powell is an idiot. He supported Obama because the "GOP has gone to far to the Right". Earth to Colin. Earth to Colin. Mork calling Ork.


Obama Job Seeker Vetting Process
John McCain has caught quite a bit of flak for his rather cursory vetting process for his vice presidential selection. Barack Obama is going to the other extreme, requiring applicants for even low level appointments in his administration to fill out a seven page, 63 question document covering every conceivable base. [...] read the rest
WHAT? Who in the hell "vetted" Obama? The dude isn't even a US citizen for crying out loud! He hasn't released ANYTHING! No medical records. No college records. No birth certificate. Nothing. The fraud didn't even write his own damn books! KNOCK KNOCK!

Milquetoast Republican Of The Day

Obama’s Call for Community Service Is Not Marxism
Is community service synonymous with slavery? Whether that service is mandated or suggested, could it in any way be construed as enslaving citizens? This week, an acquaintance noted the “irony” that college students would be required by a black president to do community service. She then pointed out the 13th Amendment.

There were two things wrong with this statement. First, by the time she wrote it, it was already old news that Obama had backtracked on his mandatory community service requirement for students. The newer wording on the change.gov website: [...] read the rest
They "backtracked" because we were all over that like stink on crap which is EXACTLY what Michele Catalano has written...a smelly "bi-partisan" worthless POS article. People like this we do not need in the Conservative Movement. People like that are the reasons the GOP is in the position that it is. Fair Weather and Milquetoast "Conservatives" we do not need and should be whole heartedly rejected and excommunicated. Let them join the Democrats because that is what they are at heart. Just because the "wording was changed" doesn't mean the intent has changed...check out the "intent" here dip-dunk.

I am for hire.

Earth to Michele Catalano...the White House has also said that the illegal and unconstitutional bail-out isn't socialism either. Idiots.

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