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Tuesday, November 11, 2008



What is up with the intolerant, racist and bigots in the alleged "gay community" in SoCal and other places? They lost the election on the "definition of marriage". Thge majority has spoken. Get over it and move on. In some twisted way of thinking, they feel that a minority should dictate to the majority. In most cases, that is how Constitutions work. Get over it and move on. If you want to see where the racism and bigotry is in this Nation look no further than the Democrat Party. That is where 99% of it lives and is fomented. Where in the HELL are Jackson, Sharpton and a host of other alleged "anti-racism" types? I can only conclude that if the gay community uses the "N" word, it must be true. Why else would they remain silent?

And, speaking of our Constitution, you know, that document that belongs to The People and not The Government, I can hardly wait for 12/1/08. That is the deadline as set by SCOTUS for the DNC and the would-be First Chicago Thug and Illegal Alien Barack Hussein Obama Czar to produce the bonafides of natural-born American Citizenship. We all know that the SCOTUS has ruled against the Constitution before but this time it will be very difficult to bypass that which is an absolute. In order to be the POTUS, one has to have been born on American soil. Clearly, Obama has not. If he had been, he would have produced his bonafides when John McCain did. He hasn't and he won't because he can't so he isn't going to.

With activist judges dictating what can be said and what cannot be said by Free Americans is an affront to the very Constitution the judge is supposed to be defending. We call it revisionism in the name of PC. Screw all that noise. As a Free American I will continue to speak my mind and if those with think skin or over sensitive childishness, that will be their problem and not mine. The fight between Judicial Watch and the Arizona Supreme Court ain't over yet.

From Cluttered Eclectic Mind:
Over the past seven years, I have watched as all the liberal, left wing kooks and crazies have come out from under their rocks to demonstrate, harass and harangue the Republicans. They have demonized the Republican leaders, said and done deplorable things and have made general nuisances of themselves.

In the upcoming Obama administration, we will have the conservatives chance to demonstrate. Although we typically have much more class and self control than the liberal left has ever been able to show.

The libs have more than once burned Bush in effigy. A hanging effigy of Sarah Palin was not considered a hate crime. On the other hand a hanging effigy of Barack Obama was. [...] read the rest
Atlas Shrugs writes:
Urban Grind has written me with a threat to shut down the blog Jews against Obama. Any lawyers out there? Isn't the blog protected by free speech? Since when was truth deemed obscene? Since Obama's election. If this flies, no one is safe. [...] read the rest
So much for Free Speech. I have recently written a piece entitled, "Dissent Is No Longer Patriotic...It Is Racist". Is this what we have to look forward to just in case the Supreme Court sides against the Constitution again and allows an illegal alien ascend to the White House? So, they want a Revolution? Bring it.