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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Does the United States Military Need A Draft?

The answer to that, if one is an ignorant pompous ass, is yes. If one has any knowledge of the operations of the now highly trained and capable military that the United States has in place in these modern times, the answer is a resounding no.

There exists a piece that hails from Newsweek of all places and is being lauded by a Leftinistra Hack. They call themselves the Alternate Brain but methinks they are from an Alternate Universe.

These party hacks that have zero to no understanding of the Modern Military will whine and complain that the Elites don't go to war. Ya. Sure. Prove that one. We have current CONgress Critters with their progenies going off to war and even a few CONgress Critters themselves are STILL serving. One day these whiners and trolls will get their facts straight but if they don't, the Rising Conservative Tsunami will crest and overtake them. I can hardly wait.
This is from Newsweek by a now-inactive reserve Marine combat Vet from 2d Bn, 2d Marines. I went to the Med in '65 with 2/2, so this is like one of my eas' coas' homies. He has a very narrow viewpoint of why we needed a draft as of 9/12/01, that if the sons and daughters of the elite had to go to Iraq, the services would have been better equipped with body armor, MRAPs, and the like. He's right as far as he goes, but I think he misses the larger point, that if the dradft had been re-instituted back then, we never would have criminally invaded Iraq. It's OK for the peasants to die in aid of the bottom line, but not for the privilege, who, after all, need to be alive to rule.

Oh, please. This poor slug hasn't been keeping up. Typical troll-speak.

Here is yet another example that this poor slog doesn't keep up with current events and merely parrots the crap from ITS controllers/handlers. Perhaps I will see this "individual" in DC.
If Bush's War, which we won early on by the way, and the subsequent occupation, which we're losing by the way, were really in defense of our country in a generational all-out global conflict like the Chimp lied about, instead of for oil, hegemony, and profit like it really is, the United States would have mobilized like WWII and every last swingin' dick (and the female equivalent, which I refuse to even think up a term for) would be sacrificing for the war effort, whether pullin' a trigger or figuring out how to be energy self-sufficient or rolling bandages or whatever.

Yep. This "individual" does not get out much, does it?

First of all, this is America's War and not a Bush War. Secondly, we are winning this American War. The evidence is clear and come mid-September, I wonder if this "individual" will begin to grasp reality instead of keeping ITS poor head stuck in the mud.

We have the finest and best trained military the world has ever known. We do not need a draft, unless we want to throw men and women into the fray as canon fodder as the days of WWI and WWII, Korea and to a degree, in Vietnam. We don't send military members into the fray as we once did out of necessity. It is no longer required. Smaller units carrying much bigger clout is better for all concerned.

Clearly, this punk speaks from ITS hinder parts. IT can be consoled at the likes of Salon and the Daily Dweebs of the KOSmonoff Kids.