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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Traitor Against Surrender

It seems as though Rep Baird (D-XX), is getting the Lieberman Treatment from the Moonbat Fruit Loop Brigade members of MoveOnDotTreason.

Issuing Fatwahs against those that can see and smell Victory In Iraq is getting to be common place by those that can see and smell Defeat On The Home Front. Clearly, the "anti-war" armadas are losing steam and their numbers are indeed dwindling. Don't get me wrong. They are still a formidable force to contend with but the Silent Majority Silent No More forces are growing faster than the the Fruit Loop Brigades are losing members.

And why are their numbers dwindling? True patriots are speaking out...that's why.

Jeff Hubbard, the retired California police officer who lost two sons in Iraq, spoke to reporters for the first time since the death of his son U.S. Army Cpl. Nathan Hubbard, who was killed last week in a Blackhawk helicopter crash.

Despite his family's devastating loss, Hubbard told reporters that his support for the country's campaign to combat global terror is undiminished. "We just want people to support the nation in what it's doing to make the world a better place," he said.

More and more Americans are stepping up and shouting down the former loudest of the loud. We are fed up, sick and tired and are no longer tolerant of the Hate America and blame America First mutants of our society. Dissent is one thing but openly seditious, subversive and treasonous acts for the sake of political gain is unconscionable. I just wish the PC Cowards in DC would actually enforce those laws. I doubt if there are any in DC with a spine left that is willing to do so...they WON"T even enforce our immigration laws for fear of fellow PC Cowards.

My eldest son will soon deploy to Iraq and I have made the commitment to join the Move America Forward Caravan and the Fight For Victory Tour. I don't have very many days remaining on this planet we call earth and I will be damned if I allow a repeat of the days of Vietnam. If verbiage, blogging and common sense fails, there are indeed other means.

Back in the late 1960's and the early 1970's, I was TOLD to stop what I was doing because the actions of the hippies, zippies and other such fools was merely a fad and this too shall pass. It didn't pass. Now, the OLDER hippies, zippies and other such fools are at it again but they have their stupid children with them now. It is indeed a target rich environment.

It seems as though the closer we get to the Good News from General Petraeus, the more the moonbats screech, whine and convulse.

In other news