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Saturday, September 1, 2007

On The Folks Over At Think Regress

These folks call their organization Think Progress. Ya. Sure. It is more like Think "Progressive" and we all know what that means, as previously stated here.

They are becoming "Rather" vocal now that the Moonbat Fruit Loop Brigades have lost quite a few influential politicians that were once upon a time in agreement with them. Too bad for them. Have they ever given credence to at least the possibility that their rhetoric emboldens the enemy? Can it be that they hide behind the facade of "dissent" all the while contributing to sedition, subversion and perhaps a hint of treason? Perhaps they should get acquainted with the laws in this regard.

Seeing that the MAJORITY of Americans see them for what they are, enablers of the enemy, the United States military has FINALLY put a lid on their treachery. Naturally, they whine about it. And, I might add, it is indeed about time.

Some Think Regress apologists are now whining that the military is bad for democracy. Good. Democracy, in its inherent form, is actually anarchy. If you don't know that, too bad for you. Do some homework for once and stop bantering about terminology you know nothing about.

The comments at Think In Reverse are hysterical and just have to be made by young punks that have no idea what they yap about. Some are under the delusion that we can "negotiate" with terrorists and that diplomacy is the best way to settle Iraq. Clearly, none of them have faced these terrorists down. Notice to the Regressives: terrorists view diplomacy and negotiation as WEAK.

The poor slogs even think General Petraeus is going to lie. Morons.