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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

“We Will Bury You” Part 2

Read Part One

Cross posted from Right In A Left World

August 28, 2007

Ever since President Bush won the Florida electoral votes in the farcical recounts in 2000, we have seen relentless attacks on his character, Military Service with the Texas Air National Guard as an F-102 Fighter Pilot, his appointees, his nominees and his handling of everything from standard day to day practices to War on Terror and Hurricane Katrina. I can’t think of anything bad that has happened that he didn’t somehow receive the blame for, leading to what we conservatives now call BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome).

Prior to the 2004 elections I asked for any one afflicted with this disorder, due to their cry of him never being held accountable for his mis-actions by the major media sources, to list any pro-Bush articles they could find, either by link or title. To date, one was returned, the 2004 Time Man of the Year, which also listed possible shortcomings prominently.

Cabinet members have been endlessly castigated by the leftists, resulting in several resigning in his second term. Judicial Nominees appointed early in his first term are still waiting confirmation while others were subjected to endless filibusters in an attempt to prevent President Bush from carrying out his legal responsibilities and implementing his vision for the country that elected him, twice!

As is known with neo-communism, one dare not step out of group think for even a second. Democrat Representative Brian Baird of Washington States 3rd Congressional District. Rep. Baird, my Representative and who I am most often at odds with, apparently has the audacity to travel to Iraq and return with the conviction that we need to stay and finish the mission there, now. Amazing how seeing something first hand instead of what you are told by someone else who was told by someone else who was told by someone else what to think, can do to your attitude.

After a few days of condemnations from leftist constituents, Congressman Baird held a local Town Hall Meeting where he was racked over the coals by locals that really have no dog in this hunt in the first place, just anger that someone changed his position for good reason.

Anti-war activist Zamme Joi brayed, "You have the opportunity this September to get back to that man you were two years ago," adding, "There is only one way to end an illegal and immoral war, and that's to end it." Joi neglected to state just which laws declare the Iraqi Theater of the War on Terror illegal. Also completely ignored is what becomes of the Iraqi people should the neo-com left succeed in getting their way on this. Some others were heard to say that Baird “represents us and had better get his act together (paraphrasing).” I suppose to them, Congressman Baird does not represent the rest of us that live here in Southwest Washington States 3rd District.

For a group that has complained now for years that President Bush and the Republicans are mere “rubber stamps” for each other, I find it ironic that “rubber stamping” their agenda is what they expect from Congressmen.

Prior to World War Two, earlier versions of this leftist crowd were solidly opposed to any American involvement in that war. That is, until such time as Hitler’s Nazi Germany turned on and attacked Stalin’s Soviet Union. Then, they were all too eager to save “the Motherland.”

Since winning the off year elections in 2006 by not presenting any ideas, just portraying the Republican Party as “corrupt” and expressing never ending hatred of President Bush, while hiding their own corruption, remember, there has been a voluminous number of hearings and investigation initiated over legal matters performed by the Bush administration, all in an effort to present the air of impropriety within the administration.

As I previously noted, their tactics mirror those of the Bolsheviks very closely towards the end of World War One that resulted in establishing the now failed Soviet Union. Every act I see coming out of the main Democrat party today looks as if all they desire is defeat in hopes that it will propel them into permanent power in implementing their neo-communist agenda masked as liberalism.

Mirroring the Soviet Communists we see calls and judicial decisions in favor of “Separation of Church and State.” Christianity, what the majority of our country believes and what many of our Founding Fathers practiced, is all but outlawed in the public arena. Oddly enough, “Separation of Church and State” is not found in our constitution, being decided by the Supreme Court, first quoted in 1878 and subsequently in several more cases starting in 1947. Religious expressions by Islamic people’s, where the Terrorist hail from, is encouraged and tolerated, but not Christianity.

What is most revealing is that while Separation of Church and State is not expressed in our own constitution, it was very prominent in the constitution of the former Soviet Union where Article 52, section 2 states, “In the USSR, the church is separated from the state, and the school from the church.” Asking many who lived under the Soviet regime and they will inform you that this was translated as no public religion.

Our own constitution’s Bill of Rights in part, starts off with, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” Through the efforts of atheist leftists, this has been circumvented and our religious ideals have been laid by the wayside throughout America.

Our constitution has been interpreted as a ‘fluid document,’ leaving it open to interpretation of leftists that have been known to consult the laws of nations as Zimbabwe to decide cases concerning our nation. The concept of ‘sovereignty’ seems to be lost on activist judges and the Democrat party, as they forever desire us to be under the watchful control of the United Nations, who can’t seem to manage anything other than enriching delegates from third world member nations as oppressive regimes are rotated onto Human Rights commissions.

Eminent domain has now been reinterpreted to allow local governments to take private property, not to build thoroughfares or public buildings, but to be sold to private developers to develop into more expensive venues in order to fatten to tax coffers of government by collecting higher property taxes from the developed property. Private property ownership is essential to freedom. Without that right we are placed at the mercy of wealthy landlords that do own the property and may manipulate us as they would a puppet.

Chapter 2, paragraph 3 subsection ‘a’ of the first Soviet Constitution in 1918 abolished all rights to own property, without compensation. Are we far behind that with the courts ruling on eminent domain?

In 1886 the country of France presented a very young America with a gift of a statue that was erected in the entrance to New York’s Harbor. On that statue is the inscription,

"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me.
I lift my lamp beside the golden door."

In the 1800’s and early 1900’s people from all over were fleeing feudal countries and arriving in America, coming to find freedom and build a nation. All came following the laws of America with the idea to become Americans and live as Americans. They struggled to learn our language and cultures blended in what became known as the Great American Melting Pot.

The Melting Pot was wrongfully denied to some and today, as they are now welcome to be part of it, we find multi-culturalism replacing it, erasing the distinctive American fiber that built the nation. Slavery was ended as was legal repression of Black descendants of slavery. Instead of encouraging embracing each other as Americans, we now embrace hyphenated Americans, seeking pride in what our ancestors fled and trying to institute that here.

Along with that push for multi-culturalism comes illegal immigration, with millions ignoring the laws that settlers set up and flooding our borders. Some come to better themselves, but others come to do us harm or push for return of millions of square miles of land lost in a war and justly bought in the mid 1880’s.

Instead of demanding enforcement of our laws, the Democrat party largely embraces these illegals and grants them benefits paid for by taxpayers, working the illegals at below minimum wage jobs and in effect, creating another slave class of people. Somehow, laws requiring only American citizens be allowed to vote are discarded, as long as the illegals register and vote for Democrats.

What harm can this do, you say? Are not these people just trying to better themselves, as did early settlers before? NO! These people hide in the shadows, drain our economy by taking benefits they are not deserving of and instead of circulating wages back into our economy, they send upwards of $25,000,000,000.00 back to their home nation yearly. Instead of learning our language, they demand we learn theirs and supply them with taxpayer paid healthcare and other entitlement benefits set up to help citizens in their time of need.

We are told we no longer wish to follow the inscription on the Statue of Liberty, but that isn’t true. We love immigrants that come here to be Americans and do as earlier settlers did, become American and build the nation, not just take from it. Our only desire is for them to follow our laws, as we would have to do in their countries. But, legal immigrants may not vote or Democrats, so they accept the flood of illegals with open arms and ballots pre-marked for Democrat candidates.

Continued Part 3