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Friday, July 20, 2007

Why Can't Democrats Take Responsibility?

Why do the Democrats ALWAYS fault someone else when they fail or are seen as ineffective or not held in high esteem? Why is it, as they plunge lower and lower into the abyss that they themselves have created, they MUST blame someone else? Isn't there a medical term for that?

Democrats Blame Republicans and Bush for Low Approval
Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) on Thursday blamed the Republican minority for sinking congressional approval ratings, calling recent poll results "a referendum on Republican obstructionism." Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) blamed President Bush.
Now, isn't that quaint? Remember how when the Democrats were in the minority they whined that the Republicans were obstructionists? They seem to want everything their way no matter their stature. Remember when they were in the minority how they DEMANDED the 60-vote rule? Does anyone remember that besides me?
Schumer told reporters that Republicans - who earlier this week blocked a Democratic amendment that would have mandated a troop withdrawal from Iraq, and who in June blocked a comprehensive immigration reform bill - are frustrating Americans who are hungry for change.
Change, Mr Schumer? Change? How so? The American People want the CIC to be the CIC and for CONgress to be the CONgress and never the two shall become the same. Hello? The last time CONgress became the CIC, millions died in The Killing Fields. Remember? The Americans Mr Schumer is referring to are the far-left fruit loops that espouse communism for America and are a MINORITY in numbers. I guess they are the only Americans. The rest of us are something else?
A Zogby telephone poll released Thursday showed approval of Congress "continues to plummet" and now sits at just 14 percent. Eighty-three percent of respondents gave Congress negative marks. The polling organization credited the low numbers to the "acrimonious scrimmage over immigration reform" in June.

"The American people are demanding change," Schumer said. "The one thing standing in the way is the Republicans in the Senate."
The only thing standing in the way of VICTORY in the GWOT are Democrats and their obstructionist BS by NOT listening to the troops on the ground, NOT listening to the Commanders in the field, and IGNORING the successes and abundantly clear progresses being made every day. 50+ days ago, the Democrats signed onto The Plan only to turn around and become the WORST Indian Givers in the known universe.
Reid echoed Schumer's frustration with Republicans but was also quick to blame Bush.

"When you have a president who is so unpopular ... it really reflects poorly on Congress," Reid said. "None of them [congressional approval ratings] are real high and we acknowledge that, but most of it relates to the unpopularity of the president."
And there we have it. BDS at its finest. We suck and it is all GWB's fault! Accept your own ineffectiveness bonehead. It isn't anyone else's fault but your own, Reid. And the country knows it. And so do you. You suck as a leader and so does your fellow nincompoop Pelosi.
Bush's job approval ratings in Zogby polls have been in the low and mid-30s since October 2006. This week it stood at 34 percent.
Reid's contention, however, jarred with the view of the polling company, which described Bush's job approval rating as having "stabilized" while saying that "opinion of the work Congress is doing continues to plummet."

The current congressional rating is eight points lower today than it was for the Republican-controlled Congress just one week before Republicans lost control of both houses of Congress in the November 2006 elections.
So, if the approval ratings of the 110th CONgress is lower than when the Democrats won their vaunted majority and said it was a mandate and had PROMISED not to play politics with the troops (and they lied about that, didn't they?) and PROMISED not to call for a unilateral bailing from IRAQ (another LIE), what makes them think their current rating is anyone's fault but their own? Don't broken promises contribute to loss of confidence?
Schumer said that while overall congressional approval ratings are low, he believes Republicans are worse off than Democrats in public opinion. "They're not spreading the blame equally," he said of the American people.
Oh Good Lord, Schumer! Get a grip! Listen to what you just said! Please check in with your troll trainers. Not only are the Democrats blaming the Republicans in CONgress and GWB for their LOUSY promise-breaking policies, NOW they are blaming the American People. Way to go moron.

Some recent polls do seem to back up Schumer's claim, with Democratic approval ratings of 31 percent leading Republican approval ratings of 21 percent in a July 9 Harris poll. A June 27 Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll found a tighter margin with 36 percent approval for Democrats and 30 percent approval for Republicans.

Republican leaders blamed Democrats who control Congress for the low approval. House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) said Americans "are still wondering whether the Democrats are going to deliver on their promises."
The only the Democrats can deliver is HAte Aamerica and Blame America First and Quit Iraq rhetoric.
"The polls show the American people are fed up with Congress and frankly they should be," Boehner said. "I think our families want solutions to their issues, not just more partisanship."

Boehner said Republicans "want to work with Democrats to address the solutions that the American people sent us here to deal with."